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The Routledge Handbook of Indian Buddhist Philosophy

Edited by: William Edelglass , Pierre-Julien Harter , Sara McClintock

Print publication date:  August  2022
Online publication date:  August  2022

Print ISBN: 9781138492257
eBook ISBN: 9781351030908
Adobe ISBN:

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Book description

The Routledge Handbook of Indian Buddhist Philosophy is the first scholarly reference volume to highlight the diversity and individuality of a large number of the most influential philosophers to have contributed to the evolution of Buddhist thought in India. By placing the author at the center of inquiry, the volume highlights the often unrecognized innovation and multiplicity of India’s Buddhist thinkers, whose unique contributions are commonly subsumed in more general doctrinal presentations of philosophical schools. Here, instead, the reader is invited to explore the works and ideas of India’s most important Buddhist philosophers in a manner that takes seriously the weight of their philosophical thought.

The forty chapters by an international and interdisciplinary team of renowned contributors each seek to offer both a wide-ranging overview and a philosophically astute reading of the works of the most seminal Indian Buddhist authors from the earliest writings to the twentieth century. The volume thus also provides thorough coverage of all the main figures, texts, traditions, and debates animating Indian Buddhist thought, and as such can serve as an in-depth introduction to Buddhist philosophy in India for those new to the field. 

Essential reading for students and researchers in Asian and comparative philosophy, The Routledge Handbook of Indian Buddhist Philosophy is also an excellent resource for specialists in Buddhist philosophy, as well as for contemporary philosophers interested in learning about the rigorous and rich traditions of Buddhist philosophy in India.

Table of contents

Prelims Download PDF
Chapter  1:  Buddhas as Philosophers Download PDF
Chapter  2:  Gotama Buddha Download PDF
Chapter  3:  Siddhārtha Gautama Download PDF
Chapter  4:  The Tantric Buddha Download PDF
Chapter  5:  Maitreya Download PDF
Chapter  6:  Poet Philosophers Download PDF
Chapter  7:  Aśvaghoṣa Download PDF
Chapter  8:  The Milindapañha Download PDF
Chapter  9:  Cāttaṉār Download PDF
Chapter  10:  Saraha Download PDF
Chapter  11:  Abhidharma Philosophers Download PDF
Chapter  12:  The Dhammasaṅgaṇī and Vibhaṅga  Download PDF
Chapter  13:  Moggaliputta Tissa's Points of Discussion (Kathāvatthu) Download PDF
Chapter  14:  Kātyāyanīputra and the Large Commentary (Mahāvibhāṣā) Download PDF
Chapter  15:  The Vātsīputrīya/Sāṃmitīya Download PDF
Chapter  16:  Philosophical Founders Download PDF
Chapter  17:  Nāgārjuna Download PDF
Chapter  18:  Āryadeva Download PDF
Chapter  19:  Asaṅga Download PDF
Chapter  20:  Vasubandhu Download PDF
Chapter  21:  Dignāga Download PDF
Chapter  22:  Dharmakīrti Download PDF
Chapter  23:  Early-Period Commentators Download PDF
Chapter  24:  Buddhaghosa Download PDF
Chapter  25:  Bhāviveka Download PDF
Chapter  26:  Dharmapāla Download PDF
Chapter  27:  Sthiramati Download PDF
Chapter  28:  Devendrabuddhi and Śākyabuddhi Download PDF
Chapter  29:  Candrakīrti Download PDF
Chapter  30:  Middle-Period Commentators Download PDF
Chapter  31:  Śubhagupta Download PDF
Chapter  32:  Dharmottara Download PDF
Chapter  33:  Jñānagarbha Download PDF
Chapter  34:  Śāntarakṣita: Download PDF
Chapter  35:  Kamalaśīla Download PDF
Chapter  36:  Haribhadra Download PDF
Chapter  37:  Śāntideva Download PDF
Chapter  38:  Prajñākaragupta Download PDF
Chapter  39:  Late-Period Commentators Download PDF
Chapter  40:  Jitāri Download PDF
Chapter  41:  Jñānaśrīmitra Download PDF
Chapter  42:  Ratnakīrti Download PDF
Chapter  43:  Ratnākaraśānti Download PDF
Chapter  44:  Atiśa Download PDF
Chapter  45:  Abhayākaragupta Download PDF
Chapter  46:  Modern Philosophers Download PDF
Chapter  47:  B. R. Ambedkar Download PDF
Chapter  48:  The Dalai Lama XIV Download PDF
Index Download PDF
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