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Handbook of Sexuality-Related Measures

Edited by: Terri D. Fisher , Clive M. Davis , William L. Yarber , Sandra L. Davis

Print publication date:  August  2010
Online publication date:  September  2013

Print ISBN: 9780415801744
eBook ISBN: 9781315881089
Adobe ISBN: 9781134725854

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Book description

This classic and invaluable reference Handbook, written for sex researchers and their students, has now been completely revised in a new edition complete with its own companion website. It remains the only easy and efficient way for researchers to learn about, evaluate, and compare instruments that have previously been used in sex research.

In this third edition of the Handbook, 218 scales, complete with full descriptions and psychometric data, are made available, with additional information provided at the companion website for this volume.

Table of contents

Prelims Download PDF
Chapter  1:  Childhood Sexual Abuse Scale Download PDF
Chapter  2:  Early Sexual Experiences Checklist Download PDF
Chapter  3:  What-If-Situations-Test Download PDF
Chapter  4:  Empathy for Children Scale Download PDF
Chapter  5:  Unwanted Childhood Sexual Experiences Questionnaire Download PDF
Chapter  6:  Sexual History and Adjustment Questionnaire Download PDF
Chapter  7:  Sexual Knowledge and Attitude Test for Adolescents Download PDF
Chapter  8:  Mathtech Questionnaires: Sexuality Questionnaires for Adolescents Download PDF
Chapter  9:  Worry About Sexual Outcomes Scale Download PDF
Chapter  10:  Adolescent Perceived Costs and Benefits Scale for Sexual Intercourse Download PDF
Chapter  11:  Multidimensional Measure of Comfort With Sexuality Download PDF
Chapter  12:  Attraction to Sexual Aggression Scale Download PDF
Chapter  13:  Aggressive Sexual Behavior Inventory Download PDF
Chapter  14:  Senior Adult Sexuality Scales Download PDF
Chapter  15:  Aging Sexual Knowledge and Attitudes Scale Download PDF
Chapter  16:  Sex Anxiety Inventory Download PDF
Chapter  17:  Sexual Arousability Inventory and Sexual Arousability Inventory—Expanded Download PDF
Chapter  18:  Multiple Indicators of Subjective Sexual Arousal Download PDF
Chapter  19:  Hurlbert Index of Sexual Assertiveness Download PDF
Chapter  20:  Intimate Relationships Questionnaire Download PDF
Chapter  21:  Attitudes Toward Sexuality Scale Download PDF
Chapter  22:  Trueblood Sexual Attitudes Questionnaire Download PDF
Chapter  23:  Sexual Attitudes Scale and Brief Sexual Attitudes Scale Download PDF
Chapter  24:  Sexual Attitude Scale Download PDF
Chapter  25:  Revised Attitudes Toward Sexuality Inventory Download PDF
Chapter  26:  Attitudes Toward Unconventional Sex Scale Download PDF
Chapter  27:  Assessing Multiple Facets of Attraction to Women and Men Download PDF
Chapter  28:  Sexual Awareness Questionnaire Download PDF
Chapter  29:  Sexual Activity Questionnaire Download PDF
Chapter  30:  Cowart–Pollack Scale of Sexual Experience Download PDF
Chapter  31:  Human Sexuality Questionnaire Download PDF
Chapter  32:  Sexual Dysfunctional Beliefs Questionnaire Download PDF
Chapter  33:  Sexual Modes Questionnaire Download PDF
Chapter  34:  Sexual Cognitions Checklist Download PDF
Chapter  35:  Attitudes Toward Women’s Genitals Scale Download PDF
Chapter  36:  Male Body Image Self-Consciousness Scale Download PDF
Chapter  37:  Questionnaire on Young Children’s Sexual Learning Download PDF
Chapter  38:  Sexual Coercion Scale Download PDF
Chapter  39:  Survey of Unwanted Sexual Attention in University Residences Download PDF
Chapter  40:  Sexual Coercion in Intimate Relationships Scale Download PDF
Chapter  41:  Sexual Beliefs Scale Download PDF
Chapter  42:  Dyadic Sexual Communication Scale Download PDF
Chapter  43:  Weighted Topics Measure of Family Sexual Communication Download PDF
Chapter  44:  Female Partner’s Communication During Sexual Activity Scale Download PDF
Chapter  45:  Partner Communication Scale Download PDF
Chapter  46:  Parent-Adolescent Communication Scale Download PDF
Chapter  47:  Family Sex Communication Quotient Download PDF
Chapter  48:  Hurlbert Index of Sexual Compatibility Download PDF
Chapter  49:  Compulsive Sexual Behavior Inventory Download PDF
Chapter  50:  Sexual Compulsivity Scale Download PDF
Chapter  51:  Cognitive and Behavioral Outcomes of Sexual Behavior Scale Download PDF
Chapter  52:  Sexuality Scale Download PDF
Chapter  53:  Condom Use Errors/Problems Survey Download PDF
Chapter  54:  Correct Condom Use Self-Efficacy Scale Download PDF
Chapter  55:  UCLA Multidimensional Condom Attitudes Scale Download PDF
Chapter  56:  Condom Fit and Feel Scale Download PDF
Chapter  57:  Condom Embarrassment Scale Download PDF
Chapter  58:  Sexual Situation Questionnaire Download PDF
Chapter  59:  Sexual Consent Scale, Revised Download PDF
Chapter  60:  Reasons for Consenting to Unwanted Sex Scale Download PDF
Chapter  61:  Contraceptive Attitude Scale Download PDF
Chapter  62:  Contraceptive Utilities, Intention, and Knowledge Scale Download PDF
Chapter  63:  Contraceptive Self-Efficacy Scale Download PDF
Chapter  64:  Decreased Sexual Desire Screener Download PDF
Chapter  65:  Hurlbert Index of Sexual Desire Download PDF
Chapter  66:  Sexual Desire Inventory Download PDF
Chapter  67:  Double Standard Scale Download PDF
Chapter  68:  Indicators of a Double Standard and Generational Difference in Sexual Attitudes Download PDF
Chapter  69:  Sexual Double Standard Scale Download PDF
Chapter  70:  Sexual Interest and Desire Inventory—Female Download PDF
Chapter  71:  Female Sexual Distress Scale—Revised Download PDF
Chapter  72:  Attitudes Related to Sexual Concerns Scale Download PDF
Chapter  73:  Sexual Problems Self-Assessment Questionnaire Download PDF
Chapter  74:  Sexual Dysfunction Scale Download PDF
Chapter  75:  Family Life Sex Education Goal Questionnaire II Download PDF
Chapter  76:  Global Measure of Equity and Multi-Trait Measure of Equity: Measuring Equity in Close Relationships Download PDF
Chapter  77:  Female Sexual Response Patterns: Grafenberg Spot/Area and Ejaculation Download PDF
Chapter  78:  Emotional Promiscuity Scale Download PDF
Chapter  79:  Sexual Anxiety Scale Download PDF
Chapter  80:  Sexual Opinion Survey Download PDF
Chapter  81:  Sexual Inhibition/Sexual Excitation Scales—Short Form Download PDF
Chapter  82:  Sexual Excitation/Sexual Inhibition Inventory for Women Download PDF
Chapter  83:  Hurlbert Index of Sexual Excitability Download PDF
Chapter  84:  Sexual Inhibition/Sexual Excitation Scales Download PDF
Chapter  85:  Sexual Excitation/Sexual Inhibition Inventory for Women and Men Download PDF
Chapter  86:  Extramarital Behavioral Intentions Scale Download PDF
Chapter  87:  Intentions Towards Infidelity Scale Download PDF
Chapter  88:  Reiss Extramarital Sexual Permissiveness Scale Download PDF
Chapter  89:  Parenting Outcome Expectancy Scale Download PDF
Chapter  90:  Parenting Self-Efficacy Scale Download PDF
Chapter  91:  Sexual Daydreaming Scale of the Imaginal Processes Inventory Download PDF
Chapter  92:  Hurlbert Index of Sexual Fantasy Download PDF
Chapter  93:  Women’s Sexuality Questionnaire Download PDF
Chapter  94:  Self-Perceptions of Female Sexuality Survey Instrument Download PDF
Chapter  95:  Sexuality of Women Survey Download PDF
Chapter  96:  Sexual Self-Schema Scale—Women’s Version Download PDF
Chapter  97:  Brief Index of Sexual Functioning for Women Download PDF
Chapter  98:  Changes in Sexual Functioning Questionnaire Download PDF
Chapter  99:  Global Sexual Functioning: A Single Summary Score for Nowinski and LoPiccolo’s Sexual History Form (SHF) Download PDF
Chapter  100:  Derogatis Interview for Sexual Functioning Download PDF
Chapter  101:  Derogatis Sexual Functioning Inventory Download PDF
Chapter  102:  Garos Sexual Behavior Inventory Download PDF
Chapter  103:  Jewish General Hospital Sexual Self-Monitoring Form: Diary Evaluation of Sexual Behavior and Satisfaction Download PDF
Chapter  104:  Sexual Function Scale Download PDF
Chapter  105:  Personal Sentence Completion Inventory Download PDF
Chapter  106:  Sexual Interaction System Scale Download PDF
Chapter  107:  Masculine Gender Identity Scale for Females Download PDF
Chapter  108:  Revised Mosher Guilt Inventory Download PDF
Chapter  109:  Index of Sexual Harassment Download PDF
Chapter  110:  Peer Sexual Harassment Victimization Scale Download PDF
Chapter  111:  Likelihood to Sexually Harass Scale Download PDF
Chapter  112:  Sexual Harassment Attitudes Questionnaire Download PDF
Chapter  113:  Sexual Health Services Questionnaire Download PDF
Chapter  114:  Sexual Health Survey Download PDF
Chapter  115:  Sexual Health Practices Self-Efficacy Scale Download PDF
Chapter  116:  Pediatric Penile Perception Score Download PDF
Chapter  117:  Herpes Attitude Scale Download PDF
Chapter  118:  Herpes Knowledge Scale Download PDF
Chapter  119:  Genital Herpes Perceived Severity Scales Download PDF
Chapter  120:  Inventory of Dyadic Heterosexual Preferences and Inventory of Dyadic Heterosexual Preferences—Other Download PDF
Chapter  121:  The Meharry Questionnaire: The Measurement of Attitudes Toward AIDS-Related Issues Download PDF
Chapter  122:  HIV/AIDS Knowledge and Attitudes Scales for Teachers Download PDF
Chapter  123:  HIV/AIDS Knowledge and Beliefs Scales for Adolescents Download PDF
Chapter  124:  Attitudes About HIV/AIDS for Hispanic College Students Download PDF
Chapter  125:  Nurses’ Attitudes About HIV/AIDS Scale—Version 2 Download PDF
Chapter  126:  AIDS Attitude Scale Download PDF
Chapter  127:  AIDS Discussion Strategy Scale Download PDF
Chapter  128:  Multidimensional AIDS Anxiety Questionnaire Download PDF
Chapter  129:  Stereotypes About AIDS Scale Download PDF
Chapter  130:  Alternate Forms of HIV Prevention Attitude Scales for Teenagers Download PDF
Chapter  131:  Sexual Health Knowledge Questionnaire for HIV+ MSM Download PDF
Chapter  132:  Adolescent AIDS Knowledge Scale Download PDF
Chapter  133:  Modern Homonegativity Scale Download PDF
Chapter  134:  Index of Homophobia (Index of Attitudes Toward Homosexuals) Download PDF
Chapter  135:  Homophobic Behavior of Students Scale Download PDF
Chapter  136:  Internalized Homophobia Scale Download PDF
Chapter  137:  Self-Identified Lesbian Internalized Homophobia Scale Download PDF
Chapter  138:  Homophobia Scale Download PDF
Chapter  139:  Gay Identity Questionnaire Download PDF
Chapter  140:  Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Knowledge and Attitudes Scale Download PDF
Chapter  141:  Sexual Correlates of Female Homosexual Experience Download PDF
Chapter  142:  Attitudes Toward Lesbians and Gay Men Scale Download PDF
Chapter  143:  Component Measure of Attitudes Toward Homosexuality Download PDF
Chapter  144:  Gay Peer Crowds Questionnaire Download PDF
Chapter  145:  Power Sharing in Lesbian Partnerships Download PDF
Chapter  146:  Identification and Involvement With the Gay Community Scale Download PDF
Chapter  147:  Perceived Parental Reactions Scale Download PDF
Chapter  148:  Measure of Sexual Identity Exploration and Commitment Download PDF
Chapter  149:  Sexual Ideology Instrument Download PDF
Chapter  150:  Sexual Rights Instrument Download PDF
Chapter  151:  Sexual Polarity Scale Download PDF
Chapter  152:  Sexually Assertive Behavior Scale Download PDF
Chapter  153:  Depth of Sexual Involvement Scale Download PDF
Chapter  154:  Sexual Path Preferences Inventory Download PDF
Chapter  155:  Anticipated Sexual Jealousy Scale Download PDF
Chapter  156:  Sexual Knowledge, Experience, Feelings, and Needs Scale Download PDF
Chapter  157:  Dyadic Sexual Regulation Scale Download PDF
Chapter  158:  Juvenile Love Scale: A Child’s Version of the Passionate Love Scale Download PDF
Chapter  159:  Passionate Love Scale Download PDF
Chapter  160:  Gender Identity and Erotic Preference in Males Download PDF
Chapter  161:  Stereotypes About Male Sexuality Scale Download PDF
Chapter  162:  Negative Attitudes Toward Masturbation Download PDF
Chapter  163:  Attitudes Toward Masturbation Scale Download PDF
Chapter  164:  Hurlbert Index of Sexual Narcissism Download PDF
Chapter  165:  Sexual Narcissism Scale Download PDF
Chapter  166:  Causal Attribution for Coital Orgasm Scale Download PDF
Chapter  167:  Orgasm Rating Scale Download PDF
Chapter  168:  Female Orgasm Scale Download PDF
Chapter  169:  Paraphilia Scales From Kurt Freund’s Erotic Preferences Examination Scheme Download PDF
Chapter  170:  Sexual Socialization Instrument Download PDF
Chapter  171:  Reiss Premarital Sexual Permissiveness Scale (Short Form) Download PDF
Chapter  172:  Premarital Sexual Permissiveness Scale Download PDF
Chapter  173:  Need for Sexual Intimacy Scale Download PDF
Chapter  174:  Rape Supportive Attitude Scale Download PDF
Chapter  175:  Sexual Assault Treating/Reporting Attitudes Survey Download PDF
Chapter  176:  Multidimensional Sexual Approach Questionnaire Download PDF
Chapter  177:  Sexual Relationship Scale Download PDF
Chapter  178:  Index of Sexual Satisfaction Download PDF
Chapter  179:  Interpersonal Exchange Model of Sexual Satisfaction Questionnaire Download PDF
Chapter  180:  The New Sexual Satisfaction Scale and Its Short Form Download PDF
Chapter  181:  The Meaning of My Sexual Self Download PDF
Chapter  182:  Sexual Self-Concept Inventory Download PDF
Chapter  183:  Multidimensional Sexual Self-Concept Questionnaire Download PDF
Chapter  184:  Sexual Self-Disclosure Scale Download PDF
Chapter  185:  Sexual Self-Disclosure Scale Download PDF
Chapter  186:  Sexual Deception Scale Download PDF
Chapter  187:  Sexual Self-Disclosure Scale Download PDF
Chapter  188:  Sexual Self-Efficacy Scale for Female Functioning Download PDF
Chapter  189:  Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Affirmative Counseling Self-Efficacy Inventory Download PDF
Chapter  190:  Sexual Self-Efficacy Scale—Erectile Functioning Download PDF
Chapter  191:  Clitoral Self-Stimulation Scale Download PDF
Chapter  192:  Sexual Sensation Seeking Scale Download PDF
Chapter  193:  Sexual Self-Consciousness Scale Download PDF
Chapter  194:  Sexual History Questionnaire Download PDF
Chapter  195:  Affective and Motivational Orientation Related to Erotic Arousal Questionnaire Download PDF
Chapter  196:  Sexual Wanting Questionnaire Download PDF
Chapter  197:  Age, Gender, and Sexual Motivation Inventory Download PDF
Chapter  198:  Multidimensional Sexual Perfectionism Questionnaire Download PDF
Chapter  199:  Sexual Risk Behavior Beliefs and Self-Efficacy Scales Download PDF
Chapter  200:  Health Protective Sexual Communication Scale Download PDF
Chapter  201:  Safe Sex Behavior Questionnaire Download PDF
Chapter  202:  Risk Behavior Assessment Download PDF
Chapter  203:  Sexual Risk Survey Download PDF
Chapter  204:  Attitudes Toward Erotica Questionnaire Download PDF
Chapter  205:  Sexual Scripts Overlap Scale—Short Version Download PDF
Chapter  206:  STI Education Efficacy Survey Download PDF
Chapter  207:  STD Attitude Scale Download PDF
Chapter  208:  Female Sexual Resourcefulness Scale Download PDF
Chapter  209:  Questionnaire of Cognitive Schema Activation in Sexual Context Download PDF
Chapter  210:  Women’s Nontraditional Sexuality Questionnaire Download PDF
Chapter  211:  Revised Sociosexual Orientation Inventory Download PDF
Chapter  212:  Sociosexual Orientation Inventory Download PDF
Chapter  213:  Tactics to Obtain Sex Scale Download PDF
Chapter  214:  Token Resistance to Sex Scale Download PDF
Chapter  215:  Cross-Gender Fetishism Scale Download PDF
Chapter  216:  Attitudes About Sadomasochism Scale Download PDF
Chapter  217:  Virginity Beliefs Scale Download PDF
Chapter  218:  First Coital Affective Reaction Scale Download PDF
About_the_Editors Download PDF
Credit Download PDF
Index Download PDF
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