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The Gnostic World

Edited by: Garry W. Trompf , Gunner B. Mikkelsen , Jay Johnston

Print publication date:  October  2018
Online publication date:  October  2018

Print ISBN: 9781138673939
eBook ISBN: 9781315561608
Adobe ISBN:

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Book description

The Gnostic World is an outstanding guide to Gnosticism, written by a distinguished international team of experts to explore Gnostic movements from the distant past until today. These themes are examined across sixty-seven chapters in a variety of contexts, from the ancient pre-Christian to the contemporary. The volume considers the intersection of Gnosticism with Jewish, Christian, Islamic and Indic practices and beliefs, and also with new religious movements, such as Theosophy, Scientology, Western Sufism, and the Nation of Islam.

This comprehensive handbook will be an invaluable resource for religious studies students, scholars, and researchers of Gnostic doctrine and history.

Table of contents

Prelims Download PDF
Introduction Download PDF
Chapter  1:  Gnosticism, gnostics, and gnosis Download PDF
Chapter  2:  The Gnostic World: a history of scholarship (until 2000) Download PDF
Chapter  3:  Gnostics and temporality: from myth to macrohistory Download PDF
Chapter  4:  Ancient pre-Christian “Gnosticisms”: the state of the questions Download PDF
Chapter  5:  The Jewish background to “Gnosticism”: a guide FOR the perplexed Download PDF
Chapter  6:  Gnostic motifs in the New Testament Download PDF
Chapter  7:  On ancient “Gnosticism” as a problematic category Download PDF
Chapter  8:  Gender issues in the study of ancient Gnosticism Download PDF
Chapter  9:  The Gnostics in early Christian heresiology Download PDF
Chapter  10:  Genres of Gnostic literature and the “classical Gnostic” school of thought Download PDF
Chapter  11:  Sethian Gnostic speculation Download PDF
Chapter  12:  Basilides and the Basilidians Download PDF
Chapter  13:  Valentinus and the Valentinians Download PDF
Chapter  14:  Is the Gospel of Thomas gnostic? Download PDF
Chapter  15:  The Gospel of Judas and the Tchacos Codex Download PDF
Chapter  16:  The Mandaeans: writings, ritual, and art Download PDF
Chapter  17:  Hermetism and Gnosticism Download PDF
Chapter  18:  Plotinus and the Gnostics Download PDF
Chapter  19:  Gnostic elements in ancient magical papyri Download PDF
Chapter  20:  Mani’s life Download PDF
Chapter  21:  The Manichaean path to salvation Download PDF
Chapter  22:  Insight and means in Chinese Manichaean texts Download PDF
Chapter  23:  From “Zurvanism” to Mazdak Download PDF
Chapter  24:  Christian gnosis: from Clement the Alexandrian to John Damascene Download PDF
Chapter  25:  Gnostic vicissitudes in late antiquity Download PDF
Chapter  26:  Jñāna: Gnostic tendencies in early Hinduism and Buddhism Download PDF
Chapter  27:  The discourse of truth in Chinese Tiantai Buddhism: “gnosis beyond gnosis” Download PDF
Chapter  28:  Questions of Gnostic influence on early Islam Download PDF
Chapter  29:  An agenda for the study of early Shiʿi cosmologies Download PDF
Chapter  30:  Classic Sufism and gnosis Download PDF
Chapter  31:  Ismailism and gnosis Download PDF
Chapter  32:  Druze gnosis and the mystery of time Download PDF
Chapter  33:  Gnostic elements in Yezidism Download PDF
Chapter  34:  Gnosticism and Kabbalah Download PDF
Chapter  35:  Bogomils and Cathars Download PDF
Chapter  36:  Alchemy and gnosis from antiquity to early modern times: “as above so below” Download PDF
Chapter  37:  “Gnosis” as term and concept in the esoteric movements of the modern West: an attempt at periodization Download PDF
Chapter  38:  Byzantine and modern Orthodox gnosis: from the eleventh to the twenty-first century Download PDF
Chapter  39:  Pansophia, Christian Kabbalism, and the quest for universal knowledge in the early modern West Download PDF
Chapter  40:  Freemasonry: gnostic images Download PDF
Chapter  41:  British Romanticism: gnostic longings Download PDF
Chapter  42:  William Blake, the ancient Gnostics, and the birth of modern Gnosticism Download PDF
Chapter  43:  Gnosis and the “French Occult Revival” and its offshoots Download PDF
Chapter  44:  The “Lost Word” key and esoteric eschatology: Blavatsky’s Gnosis the core of Krishnamurti’s teaching Download PDF
Chapter  45:  The philosophy of Guido von List (1848–1919): connecting Gnosticism to Nazism Download PDF
Chapter  46:  Rudolf Steiner: multiple bodies Download PDF
Chapter  47:  Gnostic sensibility in Gurdjieff’s “Work” Download PDF
Chapter  48:  Western Sufism and gnosis Download PDF
Chapter  49:  Gnosis: a perennialist perspective Download PDF
Chapter  50:  Carl Jung on Gnosticism Download PDF
Chapter  51:  Elevating the family in the Nation of Islam: discerning the “gnostic factor” Download PDF
Chapter  52:  Inner tradition: recovering the Christianity of the East Download PDF
Chapter  53:  Gnosis in Bābism and gnostic signs in Bābī talismans Download PDF
Chapter  54:  Ayatollah Khomeini’s gnoseology and its impact on his political worldview Download PDF
Chapter  55:  Syncretistic Sufi Gnosticism in South and South East Asia Download PDF
Chapter  56:  Aurobindo and supermind Download PDF
Chapter  57:  Of Gnosis in tribal and “primal” cultures Download PDF
Chapter  58:  the neo-Gnostic synthesis of Samael Aun Weor Download PDF
Chapter  59:  Scientology and Gnosticism: L. Ron Hubbard’s “The Factors” (1953) Download PDF
Chapter  60:  Gnostic and esoteric filaments in popular culture Download PDF
Chapter  61:  Feminist gnosis and modern gender issues Download PDF
Chapter  62:  Modern psychedelic gnosis Download PDF
Chapter  63:  Exposing Gnosticism Download PDF
Chapter  64:  Gnostic fiction Download PDF
Chapter  65:  CINEMA: evil demiurges in Hollywood films at the threshold of the twenty-first century Download PDF
Chapter  66:  Music and gnosis Download PDF
Chapter  67:  Aesthetics and visual art  Download PDF
Index Download PDF
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