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Handbook of Education Policy Research

Edited by: Gary Sykes , Barbara Schneider , David N. Plank , Timothy G. Ford

Print publication date:  April  2009
Online publication date:  September  2012

Print ISBN: 9780415989916
eBook ISBN: 9780203880968
Adobe ISBN: 9781135856472

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Book description

Co-published by Routledge for the American Educational Research Association (AERA)

Educational policy continues to be of major concern. Policy debates about economic growth and national competitiveness, for example, commonly focus on the importance of human capital and a highly educated workforce. Defining the theoretical boundaries and methodological approaches of education policy research are the two primary themes of this comprehensive, AERA-sponsored Handbook.

Organized into seven sections, the Handbook focuses on (1) disciplinary foundations of educational policy, (2) methodological perspectives, (3) the policy process, (4) resources, management, and organization, (5) teaching and learning policy, (6) actors and institutions, and (7) education access and differentiation.

Drawing from multiple disciplines, the Handbook’s over one hundred authors address three central questions: What policy issues and questions have oriented current policy research? What research strategies and methods have proven most fruitful? And what issues, questions, and methods will drive future policy research? Topics such as early childhood education, school choice, access to higher education, teacher accountability, and testing and measurement cut across the 63 chapters in the volume. The politics surrounding these and other issues are objectively analyzed by authors and commentators.

Each of the seven sections concludes with two commentaries by leading scholars in the field. The first considers the current state of policy design, and the second addresses the current state of policy research.

This book is appropriate for scholars and graduate students working in the field of education policy and for the growing number of academic, government, and think-tank researchers engaged in policy research.

For more information on the American Educational Research Association, please visit: http://www.aera.net/.

Table of contents

Prelims Download PDF
Chapter  1:  Historians and Educational Policy Research in the United States Download PDF
Chapter  2:  Policy Research in Education Download PDF
Chapter  3:  The Economic Value of Education and Cognitive Skills Download PDF
Chapter  4:  A Political Science Perspective on Education Policy Analysis Download PDF
Chapter  5:  Perspectives from the Disciplines Download PDF
Chapter  6:  Current Approaches to Research in Anthropology and Education Download PDF
Chapter  7:  Making Education Research More Policy-Analytic Download PDF
Chapter  8:  Commentary Download PDF
Chapter  9:  Commentary Download PDF
Chapter  10:  Separate Orbits Download PDF
Chapter  11:  The Use of Randomized Trials to Inform Education Policy Download PDF
Chapter  12:  Causal Inference in Non-Experimental Educational Policy Research Download PDF
Chapter  13:  Research Synthesis and Education Policy Download PDF
Chapter  14:  Complementary Methods for Policy Research Download PDF
Chapter  15:  Assessment Policy Download PDF
Chapter  16:  Scale-Up as a Framework for Intervention, Program, and Policy Evaluation Research  Download PDF
Chapter  17:  Commentary Download PDF
Chapter  18:  Commentary Download PDF
Chapter  19:  Education and Domination Download PDF
Chapter  20:  Race, Ethnicity, and Education Download PDF
Chapter  21:  Race(ing), Class(ing), and Gender(ing) Our Work Download PDF
Chapter  22:  Rhetoric and Symbolic Action in the Policy Process  Download PDF
Chapter  23:  The Role of Law in Educational Policy Formation, Implementation, and Research Download PDF
Chapter  24:  Teacher Collective Bargaining Download PDF
Chapter  25:  The Voice of the People in Education Policy Download PDF
Chapter  26:  Assessment Policy and Politics of Information Download PDF
Chapter  27:  What Works in Defining “What Works” in Educational Improvement Download PDF
Chapter  28:  Conceptualizing Policy Implementation Download PDF
Chapter  29:  Public Choice and the Political Economy of American Education Download PDF
Chapter  30:  Research in the Policy Process  Download PDF
Chapter  31:  Commentary Download PDF
Chapter  32:  Commentary Download PDF
Chapter  33:  Notes on Reframing the Role of Organizations in Policy Implementation Download PDF
Chapter  34:  What Do We Know About Reducing Class and School Size? Download PDF
Chapter  35:  Conceptions, Measurement, and Application of Educational Adequacy and Equal Educational Opportunity  Download PDF
Chapter  36:  Whether and How Money Matters in K-12 Education Download PDF
Chapter  37:  School Reconstitution and School Improvement Download PDF
Chapter  38:  Charter School Policy Issues and Research Questions Download PDF
Chapter  39:  Vouchers Download PDF
Chapter  40:  A Market for Knowledge? Download PDF
Chapter  41:  Market Reforms in Education Download PDF
Chapter  42:  Commentary Download PDF
Chapter  43:  Commentary Improvement or Reinvention Download PDF
Chapter  44:  Opportunity to Learn? Download PDF
Chapter  45:  The Reading and Math Wars Download PDF
Chapter  46:  Language Policy in Education Download PDF
Chapter  47:  Teacher Quality and Teacher Labor Markets Download PDF
Chapter  48:  Teacher Preparation and Teacher Learning Download PDF
Chapter  49:  School Improvement by Design Download PDF
Chapter  50:  Measurement and Improvement of Teacher-Child Interactions Download PDF
Chapter  51:  Closing Achievement Gaps Download PDF
Chapter  52:  New Technology Download PDF
Chapter  53:  Education and the Shrinking State Download PDF
Chapter  54:  Commentary Download PDF
Chapter  55:  Commentary Download PDF
Chapter  56:  International and Transnational Policy Actors in Education Download PDF
Chapter  57:  New Approaches to Understanding Federal Involvement in Education Download PDF
Chapter  58:  The Expansion of State Policy Research  Download PDF
Chapter  59:  The District Role in Instructional Improvement  Download PDF
Chapter  60:  Pushing on the Paradigm Download PDF
Chapter  61:  Local Democracy in Education Download PDF
Chapter  62:  The Politics of (Im)Prudent State-Level Homeschooling Policies Download PDF
Chapter  63:  Student Voice and Student Roles in Education Policy and Policy Reform Download PDF
Chapter  64:  Looking Forward Download PDF
Chapter  65:  Commentary Download PDF
Chapter  66:  Commentary Download PDF
Chapter  67:  Policy and Place—Learning from Decentralized Reforms Download PDF
Chapter  68:  Early Childhood Education Download PDF
Chapter  69:  Social Stratification and Educational Opportunity Download PDF
Chapter  70:  Shadow Education Systems Download PDF
Chapter  71:  K-16 Transitions and Higher Education Access Download PDF
Chapter  72:  Permeability and Transparency in the High School-College Transition  Download PDF
Chapter  73:  Governmental Policy and the Organization of Postsecondary Education Download PDF
Chapter  74:  The Invisible Hand of World Education Culture Download PDF
Chapter  75:  Commentary Download PDF
Chapter  76:  Commentary Download PDF
List_of_Figures Download PDF
The_Reviewers Download PDF
Author_Index Download PDF
List_of_Tables Download PDF
The_Editors Download PDF
The_Contributors Download PDF
Subject_Index Download PDF
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