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Handbook of the Uncertain Self

Edited by: Robert M. Arkin , Kathryn C. Oleson , Patrick J. Carroll

Print publication date:  September  2009
Online publication date:  May  2013

Print ISBN: 9780805861877
eBook ISBN: 9780203848753
Adobe ISBN: 9781136950575

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Book description

This Handbook explores the cognitive, motivational, interpersonal, clinical, and applied aspects of personal uncertainty. It showcases both the diversity and the unity that defines contemporary perspectives on uncertainty in self within social and personality psychology. The contributions to the volume are all written by distinguished scholars in personality, social psychology, and clinical psychology united by their common focus on the causes and consequences of self-uncertainty.

Chapters explore the similarities and differences between personal uncertainty and other psychological experiences in terms of their nature and relationship with human thought, emotion, motivation, and behavior. Specific challenges posed by personal uncertainty and the coping strategies people develop in their daily life are identified. There is an assessment of the potential negative and positive repercussions of coping with the specific experience of self-uncertainty, including academic, health, and relationship outcomes. Throughout, strategies specifically designed to assist others in confronting the unique challenges posed by self-uncertainty in ways that emphasize healthy psychological functioning and growth are promoted.

In addition, the contributions to the Handbook touch on the psychological, social, and cultural context of the new millennium, including concepts such as Friedman’s "flat world," confidence, the absence of doubt in world leaders, the threat of terrorism since 9/11, the arts, doubt and religious belief, and views of doubt as the universal condition of humankind.

The Handbook is an invaluable resource for researchers, practitioners, and senior undergraduate and graduate students in social and personality psychology, clinical and counseling psychology, educational psychology, and developmental psychology.

Table of contents

Prelims Download PDF
Chapter  1:  Introduction: The Uncertain Self Download PDF
Chapter  2:  Processes by which Confidence (vs. Doubt) Influences the Self Download PDF
Chapter  3:  Social Influences on Eyewitness Confidence: The Social Psychology of Memory Self-Certainty Download PDF
Chapter  4:  Be Careful What You Wish for: The Dark Side of Freedom Download PDF
Chapter  5:  The Causal Uncertainty Model Revisited Download PDF
Chapter  6:  Uncertainty Orientation: Myths, Truths, and the Interface of Motivation and Cognition Download PDF
Chapter  7:  The Social Psychology of Fairness and the Regulation of Personal Uncertainty Download PDF
Chapter  8:  Procedural Fairness Responses in the Context of Self-Uncertainty Download PDF
Chapter  9:  On First versus False Instincts  Download PDF
Chapter  10:  Meta-Cognitive Regulation as a Reaction to the Uncertainty of Stereotype Threat Download PDF
Chapter  11:  Coping with Life's One Certainty: A Terror Management Perspective on the Existentially Uncetain Self Download PDF
Chapter  12:  The Role of Uncertainty in Self-Evaluative Processes: Another Look at the Cognitive—Affective Crossfire Download PDF
Chapter  13:  Defensive Conviction as Emotion Regulation: Goal Mechanisms and Interpersonal Implications Download PDF
Chapter  14:  The New Adventures of Regulatory Focus: Self-Uncertainty and the Quest for a Diagnostic Self-Evaluation Download PDF
Chapter  15:  Preparedness Download PDF
Chapter  16:  The Uncertainty Surrounding Ostracism: Threat Amplifier or Protector? Download PDF
Chapter  17:  Perceived Evaluative Styles and Self-Doubt Download PDF
Chapter  18:  Deconstructing the Link between Self-Doubt and Self-Worth: Ideas to Reduce Maladaptive Coping Download PDF
Chapter  19:  Defense Mechanisms and Self-Doubt Download PDF
Chapter  20:  Fragile versus Secure High Self-Esteem: Implications for Defensiveness and Insecurity Download PDF
Chapter  21:  The Phenotypic Expressions of Self-Doubt about Ability in Academic Contexts: Strategies of Self-Handicapping and Subjective Overachievement Download PDF
Chapter  22:  Human Groups, Social Categories, and Collective Self: Social Identity and the Management of Self-Uncertainty Download PDF
Chapter  23:  Self-Uncertainty and its Cousins Download PDF
Chapter  24:  Commentary: The End of the Beginning  Download PDF
Author_Index Download PDF
Subject_Index Download PDF
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