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The Viking World

Edited by: Stefan Brink , Neil Price

Print publication date:  October  2008
Online publication date:  October  2008

Print ISBN: 9780415333153
eBook ISBN: 9780203412770
Adobe ISBN: 9781134318261

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Book description

Filling a gap in the literature for an academically oriented volume on the Viking period, this unique book is a one-stop authoritative introduction to all the latest research in the field.

Bringing together today’s leading scholars, both established seniors and younger, cutting-edge academics, Stefan Brink and Neil Price have constructed the first single work to gather innovative research from a spectrum of disciplines (including archaeology, history, philology, comparative religion, numismatics and cultural geography) to create the most comprehensive Viking Age book of its kind ever attempted.

Consisting of longer articles providing overviews of important themes, supported by shorter papers focusing on material of particular interest, this comprehensive volume covers such wide-ranging topics as social institutions, spatial issues, the Viking Age economy, warfare, beliefs, language, voyages, and links with medieval and Christian Europe.

This original work, specifically oriented towards a university audience and the educated public, will have a self-evident place as an undergraduate course book and will be a standard work of reference for all those in the field.

Table of contents

Prelims Download PDF
Chapter  1:  Introduction Download PDF
Chapter  2:  Who Were the Vikings? Download PDF
Chapter  3:  Scandinavia before the Viking Age Download PDF
Chapter  4:  Law and Society Download PDF
Chapter  5:  The Sámi and their Interaction with the Nordic Peoples Download PDF
Chapter  6:  Women and Sexual Politics Download PDF
Chapter  7:  Slavery in the Viking Age Download PDF
Chapter  8:  Naming the Land Download PDF
Chapter  9:  Farm and Village in the Viking Age Download PDF
Chapter  10_dummy:   Download PDF
Chapter  10:  Manor, Cult and Market at Lake Tissø Download PDF
Chapter  11:  The Development of Urbanism in Scandinavia Download PDF
Chapter  12_dummy:   Download PDF
Chapter  12:  Birka Download PDF
Chapter  13:  Hedeby: An Outline of its Research History Download PDF
Chapter  14:  Kaupang – ‘Skíringssalr’ Download PDF
Chapter  15:  Lejre and Roskilde Download PDF
Chapter  16:  Ribe Download PDF
Chapter  17:  ‘Ridanæs’: A Viking Age Port of Trade at fröjel, Gotland Download PDF
Chapter  18:  Sebbersund Download PDF
Chapter  19:  Sigtuna Download PDF
Chapter  20:  Viking Age Uppåkra and Lund Download PDF
Chapter  21:  Local and Long-Distance Exchange Download PDF
Chapter  22:  Coinage and Monetary Economies Download PDF
Chapter  23:  Viking Ships and the Sea Download PDF
Chapter  24:  Viking Age Textiles Download PDF
Chapter  25:  Handicrafts Download PDF
Chapter  26:  Raiding and Warfare Download PDF
Chapter  27:  Viking Weaponry Download PDF
Chapter  28:  The Religion of the Vikings Download PDF
Chapter  29_dummy:   Download PDF
Chapter  29:  The Old Norse Gods Download PDF
Chapter  30:  Cult Leaders, Rulers and Religion Download PDF
Chapter  31:  Rulers as Offspring of Gods and Giantesses: On the Mythology of Pagan Norse Rulership Download PDF
Chapter  32:  The Creation of Old Norse Mythology Download PDF
Chapter  33:  Popular Religion in the Viking Age Download PDF
Chapter  34_dummy:   Download PDF
Chapter  34:  Sorcery and Circumpolar Traditions in Old Norse Belief Download PDF
Chapter  35:  The Material Culture of Old Norse Religion Download PDF
Chapter  36:  Dying and the Dead: Viking Age Mortuary Behaviour Download PDF
Chapter  37:  The Scandinavian Languages in the Viking Age Download PDF
Chapter  38:  Runes Download PDF
Chapter  39:  Poetry in the Viking Age Download PDF
Chapter  40_dummy:   Download PDF
Chapter  40:  The Performance of the Poetic Edda Download PDF
Chapter  41:  The Icelandic Sagas Download PDF
Chapter  42_dummy:   Download PDF
Chapter  42:  Snorri Sturluson: His Life and Work Download PDF
Chapter  43:  The Sagas of Icelanders Download PDF
Chapter  44:  The Heroic and Legendary Sagas Download PDF
Chapter  45:  The Development of Viking Art Download PDF
Chapter  46:  Vikings in England Download PDF
Chapter  47:  Vikings in Insular Chronicling Download PDF
Chapter  48:  Viking Settlement in England Download PDF
Chapter  49_dummy:   Download PDF
Chapter  49:  The Creation of the Danelaw Download PDF
Chapter  50:  York Download PDF
Chapter  51:  The Isle of Man Download PDF
Chapter  52:  Scandinavian Place Names in the British Isles Download PDF
Chapter  53:  The Vikings in Wales Download PDF
Chapter  54:  The Norse in Scotland Download PDF
Chapter  55:  The Vikings and Ireland Download PDF
Chapter  56:  Archaeological Evidence for the Different Expressions of Scandinavian Settlement in Ireland, 840–1100 Download PDF
Chapter  57:  Scandinavia and the Continent in the Viking Age Download PDF
Chapter  58_dummy:   Download PDF
Chapter  58:  The Duchy of Normandy Download PDF
Chapter  59:  The Viking Conquest of Brittany Download PDF
Chapter  60:  The Vikings in Spain, North Africa and the Mediterranean Download PDF
Chapter  61:  The Viking Age in Finland Download PDF
Chapter  62:  The Vikings and the Eastern Baltic Download PDF
Chapter  63:  The Viking Rus and Byzantium Download PDF
Chapter  64:  The Vikings in the East Download PDF
Chapter  65:  The Vikings and Islam Download PDF
Chapter  66:  Arabic Sources on the Vikings Download PDF
Chapter  67:  The North Atlantic Expansion Download PDF
Chapter  68:  Iceland Download PDF
Chapter  69_dummy:   Download PDF
Chapter  69:  The Faroe Islands Download PDF
Chapter  70:  The Norse Settlements in Greenland Download PDF
Chapter  71_dummy:   Download PDF
Chapter  71:  The North Atlantic Farm Download PDF
Chapter  72:  The Discovery of Vinland Download PDF
Chapter  73_dummy:   Download PDF
Chapter  73:  Norse and Natives in the Eastern Arctic Download PDF
Chapter  74:  Christianisation and the Emergence of the Early Church in Scandinavia Download PDF
Chapter  75:  Runestones and the Christian Missions Download PDF
Chapter  76_dummy:   Download PDF
Chapter  76:  The Material Culture of the Christianisation Download PDF
Chapter  77:  The Creation of Norway Download PDF
Chapter  78:  The Emergence of Denmark and the Reign of Harald Bluetooth Download PDF
Chapter  79_dummy:   Download PDF
Chapter  79:  Cnut the Great and His Empire Download PDF
Chapter  80:  The Emergence of Sweden Download PDF
Index Download PDF
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