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The Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Language

Edited by: Gillian Russell , Delia Graff Fara

Print publication date:  February  2012
Online publication date:  May  2013

Print ISBN: 9780415993104
eBook ISBN: 9780203206966
Adobe ISBN: 9781136594083

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Book description

Philosophy of language is the branch of philosophy that examines the nature of meaning, the relationship of language to reality, and the ways in which we use, learn, and understand language. 

The Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Language provides a comprehensive and up-to-date survey of the field, charting its key ideas and movements, and addressing contemporary research and enduring questions in the philosophy of language. Unique to this Companion is clear coverage of research from the related disciplines of formal logic and linguistics, and discussion of the applications in metaphysics, epistemology, ethics and philosophy of mind. 

Organized thematically, the Companion is divided into seven sections: Core Topics; Foundations of Semantics; Parts of Speech; Methodology; Logic for Philosophers of Language; Philosophy of Language for the Rest of Philosophy; and Historical Perspectives.

Comprised of 70 never-before-published essays from leading scholars--including Sally Haslanger, Jeffrey King, Sally McConnell-Ginet, Rae Langton, Kit Fine, John MacFarlane, Jeff Pelletier, Scott Soames, Jason Stanley, Stephen Stich and Zoltan Gendler Szabo--the Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Language promises to be the most comprehensive and authoritative resource for students and scholars alike.

Table of contents

Prelims Download PDF
Chapter  1:  Extension, Intension, Character, and Beyond Download PDF
Chapter  2:  Semantics and Pragmatics Download PDF
Chapter  3:  Logical Form Download PDF
Chapter  4:  Presupposition Download PDF
Chapter  5:  Implicature Download PDF
Chapter  6:  Pragmatic Enrichment Download PDF
Chapter  7:  Meaning and Communication Download PDF
Chapter  8:  Compositionality Download PDF
Chapter  9:  Focus and Intonation Download PDF
Chapter  10:  Context-Sensitivity Download PDF
Chapter  11:  Relativism Download PDF
Chapter  12:  Vagueness Download PDF
Chapter  13:  Empty Names Download PDF
Chapter  14:  Relevance Theory Download PDF
Chapter  15:  Truth and Reference in Fiction Download PDF
Chapter  16:  Reference Download PDF
Chapter  17:  Theories of Truth Download PDF
Chapter  18:  Propositions Download PDF
Chapter  19:  Concepts Download PDF
Chapter  20:  Analytic Truth Download PDF
Chapter  21:  Possible Worlds Semantics Download PDF
Chapter  22:  Dynamic Semantics Download PDF
Chapter  23:  Event Semantics Download PDF
Chapter  24:  Skepticism about Meaning Download PDF
Chapter  25:  Names Download PDF
Chapter  26:  Verbs Download PDF
Chapter  27:  Adjectives Download PDF
Chapter  28:  Quantifiers And Determiners Download PDF
Chapter  29:  Generics Download PDF
Chapter  30:  Anaphora Download PDF
Chapter  31:  Descriptions Download PDF
Chapter  32:  Plurals Download PDF
Chapter  33:  Adverbs Download PDF
Chapter  34:  Mass Terms Download PDF
Chapter  35:  Indexicals and Demonstratives Download PDF
Chapter  36:  Indicative Conditionals Download PDF
Chapter  37:  Subjunctive Conditionals Download PDF
Chapter  38:  Questions Download PDF
Chapter  39:  The Role of Experiment Download PDF
Chapter  40:  The Role Of Linguistics Download PDF
Chapter  41:  The Role of Psychology Download PDF
Chapter  42:  The Role Of Mathematical Methods Download PDF
Chapter  43:  The Role of Artificial Languages Download PDF
Chapter  44:  The Role Of Intuitions Download PDF
Chapter  45:  Model Theory: What it is and What it isn't Download PDF
Chapter  46:  Logical Quantifiers Download PDF
Chapter  47:  The Logic of Time and Tense Download PDF
Chapter  48:  Modal Logic and Its Application to the Philosophy Of Language Download PDF
Chapter  49:  Two-Dimensional Logic And Twodimensionalism In Philosophy Download PDF
Chapter  50:  Many-Valued Logics Download PDF
Chapter  51:  Dynamic Logic in Natural Language Download PDF
Chapter  52:  Intuitionism Download PDF
Chapter  53:  Richard Montague’s Approach to the Semantics of Natural Languages Download PDF
Chapter  54:  Philosophy of Language for Epistemology Download PDF
Chapter  55:  Philosophy of Language for Metaethics Download PDF
Chapter  56:  The Language of Causation Download PDF
Chapter  57:  Dispositional Expressions Download PDF
Chapter  58:  Language, Gender, and Sexuality Download PDF
Chapter  59:  Language and Race Download PDF
Chapter  60:  Apriority Download PDF
Chapter  61:  Necessity and Meaning Download PDF
Chapter  62:  Propositional Attitude Reports Download PDF
Chapter  63:  Ancient Philosophy of Language Download PDF
Chapter  64:  Medieval Philosophy Medieval Philosophy Download PDF
Chapter  65:  Modern Philosophy of Language Download PDF
Chapter  66:  Frege, Russell, and Wittgenstein Download PDF
Chapter  67:  Logical Positivism and Quine Download PDF
Chapter  68:  Ordinary Language Philosophy Download PDF
Chapter  69:  Pragmatics and Context: The Development of Intensional Semantics Download PDF
Chapter  70:  A Brief History of Generative Grammar Download PDF
Index Download PDF
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