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Handbook of Astrobiology

Edited by: Vera M. Kolb

Print publication date:  December  2018
Online publication date:  December  2018

Print ISBN: 9781138065123
eBook ISBN: 9781315159966
Adobe ISBN:

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Book description

<P>Astrobiology is the study of the origin, evolution, distribution, and future of life on Earth. This exciting and significant field of research also investigates the potential existence and search for extra-terrestrial life in the Solar System and beyond.</P> <P>This is the first handbook in this burgeoning and interdisciplinary field. Edited by Vera Kolb, a highly respected astrobiologist, this comprehensive resource captures the history and current state of the field. Rich in information and easy to use, it assumes basic knowledge and provides answers to questions from practitioners and specialists in the field, as well as providing key references for further study. </P> <P><STRONG>Features:</STRONG></P> <UL> <LI>Fills an important gap in the market, providing&nbsp;a comprehensive overview of the field</LI> <LI>Edited by an authority in the subject, with chapters written by experts in the many diverse areas that comprise astrobiology</LI> <LI>Contains in-depth and broad coverage of an exciting field that will only grow in importance in the decades ahead</LI></UL>

Table of contents

Prelims Download PDF
Chapter  1:  Astrobiology Download PDF
Chapter  2:  Astrobiology Goals Download PDF
Chapter  3:  Online, Classroom and Wilderness Teaching Environments Download PDF
Chapter  4:  Astrobiology as a Medium of Science Education Download PDF
Chapter  5:  Astrobiology-as-Origins-Story Download PDF
Chapter  6:  Defining Life Multiple Perspectives Download PDF
Chapter  7:  A Generalized and Universalized Definition of Life Applicable to Extraterrestrial Environments Download PDF
Chapter  8:  Synthetic Cells and Minimal Life Download PDF
Chapter  9:  Communication as the Main Characteristic of Life Download PDF
Chapter  10:  Philosophical Aspects of the Origin-of-Life Problem Download PDF
Chapter  11:  Charles Darwin and the Plurality of Worlds Download PDF
Chapter  12:  An Early History from Buffon to Oparin Download PDF
Chapter  13:  Interstellar Molecules and Their Prebiotic Potential Download PDF
Chapter  14:  Formation and Delivery of Complex Organic Molecules to the Solar System and Early Earth Download PDF
Chapter  15:  Organic Molecules in Meteorites and Their Astrobiological Significance Download PDF
Chapter  16:  Ancient Life and Plate Tectonics Download PDF
Chapter  17:  Atmosphere on Early Earth and Its Evolution as It Impacted Life Download PDF
Chapter  18:  Prebiotic Chemistry That Led to Life Download PDF
Chapter  19:  Prebiotic Chemical Pathways to RNA and the Importance of Its Compartmentation Download PDF
Chapter  20:  The Hydrothermal Impact Crater Lakes Download PDF
Chapter  21:  Prebiotic Chemistry in Hydrothermal Vent Systems Download PDF
Chapter  22:  Prebiotic Reactions in Water, “On Water,” in Superheated Water, Solventless, and in the Solid State Download PDF
Chapter  23:  The Origin and Amplification of Chirality Leading to Biological Homochirality Download PDF
Chapter  24:  Phosphorus in Prebiotic Chemistry—An Update and a Note on Plausibility Download PDF
Chapter  25:  Phosphorylation on the Early Earth Download PDF
Chapter  26:  Silicon and Life Download PDF
Chapter  27:  Transitions Download PDF
Chapter  28:  Three Ways to Make an RNA Sequence Download PDF
Chapter  29:  Coevolution of RNA and Peptides Download PDF
Chapter  30:  Role of Cations in RNA Folding and Function Download PDF
Chapter  31:  The Origin of Life as an Evolutionary Process Download PDF
Chapter  32:  The Complexity of Life’s Origins Download PDF
Chapter  33:  Oparin’s Coacervates Download PDF
Chapter  34:  Protocell Emergence and Evolution Download PDF
Chapter  35:  The Progenote, Last Universal Common Ancestor, and the Root of the Cellular Tree of Life Download PDF
Chapter  36:  Horizontal Gene Transfer in Microbial Evolution Download PDF
Chapter  37:  Viruses in the Origin of Life and Its Subsequent Diversification Download PDF
Chapter  38:  Carl R. Woese and the Journey toward a Universal Tree of Life Download PDF
Chapter  39:  Fossils of Ancient Microorganisms Download PDF
Chapter  40:  Biomarkers and Their Raman Spectral Signatures Download PDF
Chapter  41:  Fossilization of Bacteria and Implications for the Search for Early Life on Earth and Astrobiology Missions to Mars Download PDF
Chapter  42:  Extremophiles and Their Natural Niches on Earth Download PDF
Chapter  43:  Microbes in Space Download PDF
Chapter  44:  Virus Evolution and Ecology Download PDF
Chapter  45:  The Evolution of Habitability Download PDF
Chapter  46:  Mind in Universe Download PDF
Chapter  47:  Where Are They? Implications of the Drake Equation and the Fermi Paradox Download PDF
Chapter  48:  SETI Download PDF
Chapter  49:  Humanistic Implications of Discovering Life Beyond Earth Download PDF
Chapter  50:  Exoplanets Download PDF
Chapter  51:  Solar System Exploration Download PDF
Chapter  52:  Solar System Exploration Download PDF
Chapter  53:  Searching for Extraterrestrial Life in Our Solar System Download PDF
Chapter  54:  Planetary Protection Download PDF
Index Download PDF
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