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Handbook of Plant and Crop Physiology

Edited by: Pessarakli Mohammad

Print publication date:  March  2014
Online publication date:  March  2014

Print ISBN: 9781466553286
eBook ISBN: 9781466553293
Adobe ISBN:

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Book description

Continuous discoveries in plant and crop physiology have resulted in an abundance of new information since the publication of the second edition of the Handbook of Plant and Crop Physiology, necessitating a new edition to cover the latest advances in the field. Like its predecessors, the Third Edition offers a unique, complete collection of topics in plant and crop physiology, serving as an up-to-date resource in the field. This edition contains more than 90 percent new material, and the remaining 10 percent has been updated and substantially revised.

Divided into nine parts to make the information more accessible, this handbook covers the physiology of plant and crop growth and development, cellular and molecular aspects, and production processes. It addresses the physiological responses of plants and crops to environmental stresses, heavy metals, and agrichemicals; presents findings on small RNAs in response to temperature stress; and discusses the use of bioinformatics in plant/crop physiology. The book deals with the impacts of rising CO2 levels and climate change on plant/crop growth, development, and production. It also offers guidance on plants and crops that can be successfully cultivated under more stressful conditions, presented in six chapters that examine alleviation of future food security issues.

With contributions from 105 scientists from 17 countries, this book provides a comprehensive resource for research and for university courses, covering plant physiological processes ranging from the cellular level to whole plants. The content provided can be used to plan, implement, and evaluate strategies for dealing with plant and crop physiology problems. This edition includes numerous tables, figures, and illustrations to facilitate comprehension of the material as well as thousands of index words to further increase accessibility to the desired information.

Table of contents

Chapter  1:  Cell Cycle Regulation and Plant Development A Crop Production Perspective Download PDF
Chapter  2:  Seed Dormancy, Germination, and Seedling Recruitment in Weedy Setaria  Download PDF
Chapter  3:  Alterations in Structural Organization Affect the Functional Ability of Photosynthetic Apparatus Download PDF
Chapter  4:  Photoperiodic Control of Flowering in Plants Download PDF
Chapter  5:  Role of Alternative Respiratory Pathway in Plants Some Metabolic and Physiological Aspects Download PDF
Chapter  6:  Growth Orientation of Underground Shoots Stolons and Rhizomes and Aboveground Creeping Shoots in Perennial Herbaceous Plants Download PDF
Chapter  7:  Structure and Metabolism of Underground Shoots in Perennial Rhizome-Forming Plants Download PDF
Chapter  8:  Evaluating and Managing Crops Water Requirement Download PDF
Chapter  9:  Biochemistry and Physiology of Carbon Partitioning in Crop Plants Download PDF
Chapter  10:  Role of Nitric Oxide in Plant Development Download PDF
Chapter  11:  Mitochondria in Plant Physiology Download PDF
Chapter  12:  Signaling Molecules Involved in the Postharvest Stress Response of Plants Quality Changes and Synthesis of Secondary Metabolites Download PDF
Chapter  13:  Quantifying Immediate Carbon Export from Leaves Predicts Source Strength Download PDF
Chapter  14:  Physiology of Grain Development in Cereals Download PDF
Chapter  15:  C-Repeat Transcription Factors as Targets for the Maintenance of Crop Yield under Suboptimal Growth Conditions Download PDF
Chapter  16:  Physiology of Crop Productivity in Cold Climate Download PDF
Chapter  17:  Rates of Processes of Essential Plant Nutrients Download PDF
Chapter  18:  Some Interactions of Mineral Nutrients and Organic Substances in Plant Nutrition Download PDF
Chapter  19:  Role of Polyamines in Plant Abiotic Stress Responses Download PDF
Chapter  20:  Physiological and Biochemical Mechanisms of Plant Tolerance to Heat Stress Download PDF
Chapter  21:  Drought Resistance in Small Grain Cereal Crops Download PDF
Chapter  22:  Drought Physiology of Forage Crops Download PDF
Chapter  23:  Effect of Drought/Water Stress and Adaptation to Unintended Consequences of Wheat Growth and Development in Pakistan Download PDF
Chapter  24:  Physiological Mechanisms of Nitrogen Absorption and Assimilation in Plants under Stressful Conditions Download PDF
Chapter  25:  Effects of Hyperosmotic Salinity on Protein Patterns and Enzyme Activities Download PDF
Chapter  26:  Reactive Oxygen Species Generation, Hazards, and Defense Mechanisms in Plants under Environmental (Abiotic and Biotic) Stress Conditions Download PDF
Chapter  27:  Implications of Oxidative Stress for Crop Growth and Productivity Download PDF
Chapter  28:  Physiological and Biophysical Responses of Plants under Low and Ultralow Temperatures Download PDF
Chapter  29:  Stress Tolerance in Some European Resurrection Plants (Haberlea rhodopensis and Ramonda spp.) Download PDF
Chapter  30:  Salinity and Amenity Horticulture Download PDF
Chapter  31:  Physiological Responses of Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) to Salt Stress Download PDF
Chapter  32:  Isoprenoid Biosynthesis in Higher Plants and Green Algae under Normal and Light Stress Conditions Download PDF
Chapter  33:  Metal Nanoparticles in Plants Formation and Action Download PDF
Chapter  34:  Arsenic Toxicity and Tolerance Mechanisms in Crop Plants Download PDF
Chapter  35:  Small RNAs in Crop Response to Temperature Stress Noncoding RNAs in Plants Download PDF
Chapter  36:  Comparative Genomics of Grass Genomes Using CoGe Download PDF
Chapter  37:  Carbon Dioxide, Climate Change, and Crops in the Twenty-First Century The Dawn of a New World Download PDF
Chapter  38:  CAM Plants as Crops Adaptable, Metabolically Flexible, and Highly Productive Cultivars Download PDF
Chapter  39:  Advances in Improving Adaptation of Common Bean and Brachiaria Forage Grasses to Abiotic Stresses in the Tropics Download PDF
Chapter  40:  Improving Maize Production under Drought Stress Traits, Screening Methods, and Environments Download PDF
Chapter  41:  New Approaches to Turfgrass Nutrition Humic Substances and Mycorrhizal Inoculation Download PDF
Chapter  42:  Use of Sewage in Agriculture and Related Activities Download PDF
Chapter  43:  Water and Crops Molecular Biologists’, Physiologists’, and Plant Breeders’ Approach in the Context of Evergreen Revolution Download PDF
prelims Download PDF
Plates Download PDF
Index Download PDF
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