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Handbook of Energy-Aware and Green Computing

Edited by: Ishfaq Ahmad , Sanjay Ranka

Print publication date:  January  2012
Online publication date:  February  2016

Print ISBN: 9781466501164
eBook ISBN: 9781482254440
Adobe ISBN:

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Book description

Implementing energy-efficient CPUs and peripherals as well as reducing resource consumption have become emerging trends in computing. As computers increase in speed and power, their energy issues become more and more prevalent. The need to develop and promote environmentally friendly computer technologies and systems has also come to the forefront in computing research.

A pioneering publication for researchers in computer science and engineering, Handbook of Energy-Aware and Green Computing, Two-Volume Set is one of the first to present a comprehensive account of recent research in energy-aware and green computing. Edited by the co-chairs of the International Green Computing Conference, this handbook incorporates fundamental knowledge from all related areas, including circuit and component design, software, operating systems, networking, mobile computing, and data centers. It also discusses up-to-date research on many aspects of power-aware computing at the component, software, and system levels.

Table of contents

Chapter  1:  Subthreshold Computing Download PDF
Chapter  2:  Energy-Efficient Network-on-Chip Architectures for Multi-Core Systems Download PDF
Chapter  3:  Geyser: Energy-Efficient MIPS CPU Core with Fine-Grained Run-Time Power Gating Download PDF
Chapter  4:  Low-Power Design of Emerging Memory Technologies Download PDF
Chapter  5:  Reducing Delays Associated with Disk Energy Management Download PDF
Chapter  6:  Power-Efficient Strategies for Storage Systems: A Survey Download PDF
Chapter  7:  Dynamic Thermal Management for High-Performance Storage Systems Download PDF
Chapter  8:  Energy-Saving Techniques for Disk Storage Systems Download PDF
Chapter  9:  Thermal and Power-Aware Task Scheduling and Data Placement for Storage Centric Datacenters Download PDF
Chapter  10:  Power-Aware Middleware for Mobile Applications  Download PDF
Chapter  11:  Energy Efficiency of Voice-over-IP Systems  Download PDF
Chapter  12:  Intelligent Energy-Aware Networks Download PDF
Chapter  13:  Green TCAM-Based Internet Routers Download PDF
Chapter  14:  Algorithmic Aspects of Energy-Efficient Computing Download PDF
Chapter  15:  Algorithms and Analysis of Energy-Efficient Scheduling of Parallel Tasks Download PDF
Chapter  16:  Power Saving by Task-Level Dynamic Voltage Scaling: A Theoretical Aspect Download PDF
Chapter  17:  Speed Scaling: An Algorithmic Perspective  Download PDF
Chapter  18:  Processor Optimization for Energy Efficiency Download PDF
Chapter  19:  Energy-Aware SIMD Algorithm Design on GPU and Multicore Architectures Download PDF
Chapter  20:  Memetic Algorithms for Energy-Aware Computation and Communications Optimization in Computing Clusters Download PDF
Chapter  21:  Online Job Scheduling Algorithms under Energy Constraints Download PDF
Chapter  22:  Reliability-Aware Power Management for Real-Time Embedded Systems Download PDF
Chapter  23:  Energy Minimization for Multiprocessor Systems Executing Real-Time Tasks Download PDF
Chapter  24:  Energy-Aware Scheduling and Dynamic Reconfiguration in Real-Time Systems Download PDF
Chapter  25:  Adaptive Power Management for Energy Harvesting Embedded Systems Download PDF
Chapter  26:  Low-Energy Instruction Cache Optimization Techniques for Embedded Systems Download PDF
Chapter  27:  Power-Aware Modeling and Autonomic Management Framework for Distributed Computing Systems Download PDF
Chapter  28:  Power Measuring and Profiling: State of the Art Download PDF
Chapter  29:  Modeling the Energy Consumption of Distributed Applications Download PDF
Chapter  30:  Comparative Study of Runtime Systems for Energy-Aware High-Performance Computing Download PDF
Chapter  31:  Tool Environments to Measure Power Consumption and Computational Performance Download PDF
Chapter  32:  BlueTool: Using a Computing Systems Research Infrastructure Tool to Design and Test Green and Sustainable Data Centers Download PDF
Chapter  33:  Optimizing Computing and Energy Performances in Heterogeneous Clusters of CPUs and GPUs Download PDF
Chapter  34:  Energy-Efficient Online Provisioning for HPC Workloads Download PDF
Chapter  35:  Exploiting Heterogeneous Computing Systems for Energy Efficiency Download PDF
Chapter  36:  Code Development of High-Performance Applications for Power-Efficient Architectures Download PDF
Chapter  37:  Experience with Autonomic Energy Management Policies for JavaEE Clusters Download PDF
Chapter  38:  Power-Aware Parallel Job Scheduling Download PDF
Chapter  39:  Toward Energy-Efficient Web Server Clusters Download PDF
Chapter  40:  Providing a Green Framework for Cloud Data Centers Download PDF
Chapter  41:  Environmentally Opportunistic Computing Download PDF
Chapter  42:  Energy-Efficient Data Transfers in Large-Scale Distributed Systems Download PDF
Chapter  43:  Overview of Data Centers Energy Efficiency Evolution Download PDF
Chapter  44:  Evaluating Performance, Power, and Cooling in High-Performance Computing (HPC) Data Centers Download PDF
Chapter  45:  GreenGPS-Assisted Vehicular Navigation Download PDF
Chapter  46:  Energy-Aware Mobile Multimedia Computing Download PDF
Chapter  47:  Ultralow-Power Implantable Electronics Download PDF
Chapter  48:  Energy-Adaptive Computing: A New Paradigm for Sustainable IT Download PDF
Chapter  49:  Evolution of Energy Awareness Using an Open Carbon Footprint Calculation Platform Download PDF
Chapter  50:  Understanding and Exploiting User Behavior for Energy Saving Download PDF
Chapter  51:  Predicting User Behavior for Energy Saving Download PDF
Chapter  52:  Toward Sustainable Portable Computing Download PDF
prelims Download PDF
Index Download PDF
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