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Measurement, Instrumentation, and Sensors Handbook

Electromagnetic, Optical,Radiation, Chemical, and Biomedical Measurement

Edited by: John G. Webster , Halit Eren

Print publication date:  February  2014
Online publication date:  February  2014

Print ISBN: 9781439848913
eBook ISBN: 9781439848937
Adobe ISBN:

 Cite  Marc Record

Book description

The Second Edition of the bestselling Measurement, Instrumentation, and Sensors Handbook brings together all aspects of the design and implementation of measurement, instrumentation, and sensors. Reflecting the current state of the art, it describes the use of instruments and techniques for performing practical measurements in engineering, physics, chemistry, and the life sciences and discusses processing systems, automatic data acquisition, reduction and analysis, operation characteristics, accuracy, errors, calibrations, and the incorporation of standards for control purposes.

Organized according to measurement problem, the Electromagnetic, Optical, Radiation, Chemical, and Biomedical Measurement volume of the Second Edition:

  • Contains contributions from field experts, new chapters, and updates to all 98 existing chapters
  • Covers sensors and sensor technology, time and frequency, signal processing, displays and recorders, and optical, medical, biomedical, health, environmental, electrical, electromagnetic, and chemical variables

A concise and useful reference for engineers, scientists, academic faculty, students, designers, managers, and industry professionals involved in instrumentation and measurement research and development, Measurement, Instrumentation, and Sensors Handbook, Second Edition: Electromagnetic, Optical, Radiation, Chemical, and Biomedical Measurement provides readers with a greater understanding of advanced applications.

Table of contents

Chapter  1:  Soft Sensors Download PDF
Chapter  2:  Implantable Systems Download PDF
Chapter  3:  Bio-Inspired and Life-Inspired Sensors Download PDF
Chapter  4:  Image Sensors Download PDF
Chapter  5:  Principles and Technology of SQUIDs Download PDF
Chapter  6:  Next Generation of Smart Sensors Download PDF
Chapter  7:  Needle-Type Environmental Sensors Download PDF
Chapter  8:  Single-Chip Chemical and Biological Sensors Download PDF
Chapter  9:  CMOS Integrated Gas Sensors Download PDF
Chapter  10:  Energy Harvesting for Sensors: DC Harvesters Download PDF
Chapter  11:  Energy Harvesting for Sensors: AC Harvesters Download PDF
Chapter  12:  Hydrogen Gas Sensors: Flow Download PDF
Chapter  13:  Thermal Sensors: Flow Download PDF
Chapter  14:  SQUID Magnetometers Download PDF
Chapter  15:  Sensor Networks and Communication Download PDF
Chapter  16:  Electric Current Sensors  Download PDF
Chapter  17:  Nonlinear System Modeling with Invariance to Fourier Transform for Fault Diagnosis: Application to Power Transformers Download PDF
Chapter  18:  Meter Voltage Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  19:  Oscilloscope Voltage Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  20:  Inductive and Capacitive Voltage Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  21:  Current Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  22:  Power Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  23:  Power Factor Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  24:  Phase Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  25:  Energy Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  26:  Electrical Conductivity and Resistivity Download PDF
Chapter  27:  Charge Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  28:  Capacitance and Capacitance Measurements Download PDF
Chapter  29:  Permeability and Hysteresis Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  30:  Inductance Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  31:  Immittance Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  32:  Distortion Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  33:  Noise Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  34:  Microwave Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  35:  Q Factor Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  36:  EMI and EMC Test Methods Download PDF
Chapter  37:  Permittivity Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  38:  Electric-Field Strength Download PDF
Chapter  39:  Magnetic Field Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  40:  RF/Microwave Spectrum Analysis Download PDF
Chapter  41:  Time Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  42:  Frequency Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  43:  Photoconductive Sensors Download PDF
Chapter  44:  Photojunction Sensors Download PDF
Chapter  45:  Vision and Image Sensors Download PDF
Chapter  46:  Charge-Coupled Devices Download PDF
Chapter  47:  Densitometry Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  48:  Colorimetry Download PDF
Chapter  49:  Polarization Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  50:  Refractive Index Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  51:  Turbidity Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  52:  Laser Output Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  53:  Optical Loss: Principles and Applications Download PDF
Chapter  54:  Interference and Selectivity in Portable Chemical Sensors Download PDF
Chapter  55:  Electrochemical Composition Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  56:  Thermal Composition Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  57:  Kinetic Composition Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  58:  Chromatography Composition Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  59:  pH Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  60:  Wireless Sensor Networks in Health Download PDF
Chapter  61:  Sensors for Electrical Impedance Tomography Download PDF
Chapter  62:  Patient-Care Sensing and Monitoring Systems Download PDF
Chapter  63:  Sensor-Based Activity Recognition Techniques Download PDF
Chapter  64:  Biopotentials and Electrophysiology Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  65:  Blood Pressure Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  66:  Blood Flow Measurements Download PDF
Chapter  67:  Medical Imaging Download PDF
Chapter  68:  Blood Chemistry Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  69:  Human Occupancy Detectors Download PDF
Chapter  70:  GPR Principles and Applications Download PDF
Chapter  71:  Airborne Radiometers to Measure Electromagnetic Radiation in the Earth’s Atmosphere: Mature and Emerging Technologies Download PDF
Chapter  72:  In Situ Sensors for Monitoring the Marine Environment Download PDF
Chapter  73:  Mobile Environmental Sensing Using Smartphones Download PDF
Chapter  74:  Space Dosimetry Download PDF
Chapter  75:  Capacitance Sensors for Nondestructive Moisture Determination in Agricultural Products and Biofuel Materials Download PDF
Chapter  76:  Radio Location, Radio Navigation, and GPS Systems Download PDF
Chapter  77:  Air Pollution Monitoring Download PDF
Chapter  78:  Water Quality Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  79:  Satellite Imaging and Sensing Download PDF
Chapter  80:  Humidity and Moisture Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  81:  Ventilation Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  82:  Meteorological Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  83:  Robotics and Sensors: Environmental Applications Download PDF
Chapter  84:  Modulation Download PDF
Chapter  85:  Filters Download PDF
Chapter  86:  Spectrum Analysis and Correlation Download PDF
Chapter  87:  Applied Intelligence Processing Download PDF
Chapter  88:  Analog-to-Digital Converters Download PDF
Chapter  89:  Computers Download PDF
Chapter  90:  Grounding and Shielding Download PDF
Chapter  91:  Amplifiers and Signal Conditioners Download PDF
Chapter  92:  Data Acquisition Systems Download PDF
Chapter  93:  Plasma-Driven Flat Panel Displays Download PDF
Chapter  94:  Electroluminescent Displays Download PDF
Chapter  95:  Light-Emitting Diode Displays Download PDF
Chapter  96:  Magnetic and Optical Recording Download PDF
Chapter  97:  Liquid Crystal Displays Download PDF
Chapter  98:  Cathode Ray Tube Displays Download PDF
prelims Download PDF
Appendix Download PDF
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