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Handbook Ofphotomedicine

Edited by: Michael R. Hamblin , Ying-Ying Huang

Print publication date:  October  2013
Online publication date:  October  2013

Print ISBN: 9781439884690
eBook ISBN: 9781439884706
Adobe ISBN:

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Book description

Providing the most comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of this exciting biomedical field, Handbook of Photomedicine gathers together a large team of international experts to give you a complete account of the application of light in healthcare and medical science. The book progresses logically from the history and fundamentals of photomedicine to diverse therapeutic applications of light, known collectively as phototherapies. It facilitates your understanding of human diseases caused by light, the rationale for photoprotection, and major applications of phototherapy in clinical practice.

The handbook begins with a series of historical vignettes of pioneers from the last two centuries. It also presents the fundamentals of physics and biology as applied to photomedicine. It next examines conditions and diseases caused by light, including skin cancer, dermatoses, and immunosuppression.

The remainder of the book focuses on the most important clinical therapeutic applications of different kinds of light that vary in both wavelength and intensity. The book discusses ultraviolet phototherapy for skin diseases and infections and presents the basic science of photodynamic therapy and its use in cancer therapy and other medical specialties. It then covers mechanistic studies and clinical applications of low-level laser (light) therapy as well as the use of high power or surgical laser therapy in specialties, such as dentistry and dermatology. The book concludes with a collection of miscellaneous types of phototherapy.

Table of contents

Chapter  1:  Introduction: Historical Vignettes from the Field of Photomedicine Download PDF
Chapter  2:  History and Fundamentals of Lasers and Light Sources in Photomedicine Download PDF
Chapter  3:  Light–Tissue Interactions Download PDF
Chapter  4:  History and Fundamentals of Photodynamic Therapy Download PDF
Chapter  5:  History and Fundamentals of Low-Level Laser (Light) Therapy Download PDF
Chapter  6:  UV Effects on the Skin Download PDF
Chapter  7:  Photocarcinogenesis Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer Download PDF
Chapter  8:  Autoimmune Photodermatoses Download PDF
Chapter  9:  Photoaggravated Dermatoses Download PDF
Chapter  10:  Photoaging Download PDF
Chapter  11:  UVR-Induced Immunosuppression Download PDF
Chapter  12:  The Porphyrias Download PDF
Chapter  13:  Photoprotection Download PDF
Chapter  14:  Botanical Antioxidants for Photochemoprevention Download PDF
Chapter  15:  Reversal of DNA Damage to the Skin with DNA Repair Liposomes Download PDF
Chapter  16:  Climate Change and Ultraviolet Radiation Exposure Download PDF
Chapter  17:  Photochemistry and Photobiology of Vitamin D Download PDF
Chapter  18:  UVB Phototherapy for Psoriasis Download PDF
Chapter  19:  PUVA Therapy Download PDF
Chapter  20:  Extracorporeal Photopheresis Download PDF
Chapter  21:  Ultraviolet C Therapy for Infections Download PDF
Chapter  22:  Recent Advances in Developing Improved Agents for Photodynamic Therapy Download PDF
Chapter  23:  5-Aminolevulinic Acid and Its Derivatives Download PDF
Chapter  24:  Genetically Encoded Photosensitizers: Structure, Photosensitization Mechanisms, and Potential Application to Photodynamic Therapy Download PDF
Chapter  25:  Light Dosimetry for Photodynamic Therapy: Basic Concepts Download PDF
Chapter  26:  Multimodality Dosimetry Download PDF
Chapter  27:  Cell Death and PDT-Based Photooxidative (Phox) Stress Download PDF
Chapter  28:  Vascular and Cellular Targeted PDT Download PDF
Chapter  29:  Photodynamic Therapy for Increased Delivery of Anticancer Drugs Download PDF
Chapter  30:  Targeting Strategies in Photodynamic Therapy for Cancer Treatment Download PDF
Chapter  31:  Enhancing Photodynamic Treatment of Cancer with Mechanism-Based Combination Strategies Download PDF
Chapter  32:  Nanoparticles for Photodynamic Cancer Therapy Download PDF
Chapter  33:  Drug Delivery Strategies for Photodynamic Therapy Download PDF
Chapter  34:  Antimicrobial PDT for Clinical Infectious Diseases Download PDF
Chapter  35:  PDT and the Immune System Download PDF
Chapter  36:  Detection of Bladder Cancer by Fluorescence Cystoscopy: From Bench to Bedside—the Hexvix Story Download PDF
Chapter  37:  Photochemical Internalization: From Bench to Bedside with a Novel Technology for Targeted Macromolecule Therapy Download PDF
Chapter  38:  The Story of Tookad: From Bench to Bedside Download PDF
Chapter  39:  Photodynamic Therapy in Ophthalmology Download PDF
Chapter  40:  Photodynamic Therapy in Dermatology Download PDF
Chapter  41:  Photodynamic Therapy in the Gastrointestinal Tract Download PDF
Chapter  42:  Photodynamic Applications in Brain Tumors Download PDF
Chapter  43:  Photodynamic Therapy for Malignant Pleural Disease Download PDF
Chapter  44:  Clinical Photodynamic Therapy in the Chinese Region Download PDF
Chapter  45:  Photodynamic Therapy and Fluorescent Diagnostics in the Russian Federation Download PDF
Chapter  46:  Chromophores (Photoacceptors) for Low-Level Laser Therapy Download PDF
Chapter  47:  Low-Level Laser Therapy Signaling Pathways Download PDF
Chapter  48:  Irradiation Parameters, Dose Response, and Devices Download PDF
Chapter  49:  Low-Level Laser Therapy: Clearly a New Paradigm in the Management of Cancer Therapy-Induced Mucositis  Download PDF
Chapter  50:  Low-Level Laser Therapy for Wound Healing Download PDF
Chapter  51:  Low-Level Laser Therapy in the Treatment of Pain Download PDF
Chapter  52:  Low-Level Laser Therapy in Arthritis and Tendinopathies Download PDF
Chapter  53:  Low-Level Laser Therapy and Light-Emitting Diode Therapy on Muscle Tissue: Performance, Fatigue, and Repair Download PDF
Chapter  54:  Low-Level Laser Therapy for Stroke and Brain Disease Download PDF
Chapter  55:  Low-Level Light Therapy for Nerve and Spinal Cord Regeneration Download PDF
Chapter  56:  Low-Level Laser Therapy in Dentistry Download PDF
Chapter  57:  Low-Level Laser Therapy and Stem Cells Download PDF
Chapter  58:  Low-Level Light Therapy for Cosmetics and Dermatology Download PDF
Chapter  59:  Laser and Intense Pulsed Light Treatment of Skin Download PDF
Chapter  60:  Therapeutic Uses of Lasers in Eye Care Download PDF
Chapter  61:  Lasers Used in Dentistry Download PDF
Chapter  62:  Lasers Used in Urology Download PDF
Chapter  63:  Lasers Used in Otolaryngology Download PDF
Chapter  64:  Laser Targeting to Nanoparticles for Theranostic Applications Download PDF
Chapter  65:  Laser Immunotherapy Download PDF
Chapter  66:  Tissue Repair by Photochemical Cross-Linking Download PDF
Chapter  67:  Optical Guidance for Cancer Interventions Download PDF
Chapter  68:  Phototherapy for Newborn Jaundice Download PDF
Chapter  69:  Biological Evidence of the Efficacy of Light Therapy in Psychiatric Disorders Download PDF
Chapter  70:  Future Developments in Photomedicine and Photodynamic Therapy Download PDF
prelims Download PDF
plates Download PDF
Index Download PDF
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