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Handbook of Soil Sciences Properties and Processes

Edited by: Pan Ming Huang , Yuncong Li , Malcolm E. Sumner

Print publication date:  November  2011
Online publication date:  November  2011

Print ISBN: 9781439803059
eBook ISBN: 9781439803066
Adobe ISBN:

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Book description

<P>An evolving, living organic/inorganic covering, soil is in dynamic equilibrium with the atmosphere above, the biosphere within, and the geology below. It acts as an anchor for roots, a purveyor of water and nutrients, a residence for a vast community of microorganisms and animals, a sanitizer of the environment, and a source of raw materials for construction and manufacturing. To develop lasting solutions to the challenges of balanced use and stewardship of the Earth, we require a fundamental understanding of soil?from its elastic, porous three-phase system to its components, processes, and reactions.</P> <P><STRONG>Handbook of Soil Sciences: Properties and Processes, Second Edition</STRONG> is the first of two volumes that form a comprehensive reference on the discipline of soil science. Completely revised and updated to reflect the current state of knowledge, this volume covers the traditional areas of soil science: soil physics, soil chemistry, soil mineralogy, soil biology and biochemistry, and pedology. Contributors discuss the application of physical principles to characterize the soil system and mass and energy transport processes within the critical zone. They present significant advances in soil chemistry; describe how minerals are formed and transformed; and provide an introduction to the soil biota. They also examine geomorphology, land use, hydropedology, and subaqueous soils as well as the classification and digital mapping of soil.</P> <P></P> <P>Critical elements addressed in each section include: </P> <P></P> <UL> <P> <LI>Descriptions of concepts and theories</LI> <LI>Definitions, approaches, methodologies, and procedures</LI> <LI>Data in tabular and figure format </LI> <LI>Extensive references</LI> <P></P></UL> <P></P> <P>This cohesive handbook provides a thorough understanding of soil science principles and practices based on a rigorous, complete, and up-to-date treatment of the subject matter compiled by leading scientists. It is a resource rich in data, offering professional soil scientists, agronomists, engineers, ecologists, biologists, naturalists, and students their first point of entry into a particular aspect of the soil sciences.</P>

Table of contents

Prelims Download PDF
Introduction Download PDF
Chapter  1:  Physical Properties of Primary Particles Download PDF
Chapter  2:  Soil Structure Download PDF
Chapter  3:  Mechanics of Unsaturated Soils for Agricultural Applications Download PDF
Chapter  4:  Soil Water Content and Water Potential Relationships Download PDF
Chapter  5:  Water Flow in Soils Download PDF
Chapter  6:  Water and Energy Balances in the Soil–Plant–Atmosphere Continuum Download PDF
Chapter  7:  Solute Transport Download PDF
Chapter  8:  Gas Transport in Soils Download PDF
Chapter  9:  Soil Thermal Regime Download PDF
Chapter  10:  Soil Spatial Variability Download PDF
Chapter  11:  Soil Organic Matter Download PDF
Chapter  12:  Soil Solution Download PDF
Chapter  13:  Kinetics and Mechanisms of Soil Chemical Reactions Download PDF
Chapter  14:  Oxidation–Reduction Phenomena Download PDF
Chapter  15:  Soil Colloidal Behavior Download PDF
Chapter  16:  Ion Exchange Phenomena Download PDF
Chapter  17:  Chemisorption and Precipitation Reactions Download PDF
Chapter  18:  Role of Abiotic Catalysis in the Transformation of Organics, Metals, Metalloids, and Other Inorganics Download PDF
Chapter  19:  Soil pH and pH Buffering Download PDF
Chapter  20:  Alteration, Formation, and Occurrence of Minerals in Soils Download PDF
Chapter  21:  Phyllosilicates Download PDF
Chapter  22:  Oxide Minerals in Soils Download PDF
Chapter  23:  Poorly Crystalline Aluminosilicate Clay Minerals Download PDF
Chapter  24:  Viruses in Soil Ecosystems Download PDF
Chapter  25:  Structure and Function of Prokaryotes in Soil Download PDF
Chapter  26:  Soil Fungi Download PDF
Chapter  27:  Mycorrhizae Download PDF
Chapter  28:  Protozoa Download PDF
Chapter  29:  Nematodes Download PDF
Chapter  30:  Microarthropods Download PDF
Chapter  31:  Macroarthropods Download PDF
Chapter  32:  Enchytraeidae—Oligochaeta Download PDF
Chapter  33:  Earthworms Download PDF
Chapter  34:  Phosphorus and Sulfur in Soil Download PDF
Chapter  35:  Bacterial Transformations of Metals in Soil Download PDF
Chapter  36:  Microbially Mediated Processes: Decomposition Download PDF
Chapter  37:  Anaerobic Microbially Mediated Processes Download PDF
Chapter  38:  Soil Enzymes Download PDF
Chapter  39:  Biological Nitrogen Fixation Download PDF
Chapter  40:  Nitrogen Mineralization-Immobilization Turnover Download PDF
Chapter  41:  Nitrification Download PDF
Chapter  42:  Denitrification Download PDF
Chapter  43:  Nitrogen in the Environment Download PDF
Chapter  44:  Cultivation-Independent Detection of Genes Present in Soil Bacteria Download PDF
Chapter  45:  Expression of Genes in Soil Download PDF
Chapter  46:  Stable-Isotope Probing and Its Application in Soil Microbiology Download PDF
Chapter  47:  Geomorphology of Soil Landscapes Download PDF
Chapter  48:  Pedogenic Processes Download PDF
Chapter  49:  Soil Taxonomy Download PDF
Chapter  50:  Other Systems of Soil Classification Download PDF
Chapter  51:  Introduction: General Characteristics of Soil Orders and Global Distributions Download PDF
Chapter  52:  Histosols Download PDF
Chapter  53:  Andisols Download PDF
Chapter  54:  Entisols Download PDF
Chapter  55:  Inceptisols Download PDF
Chapter  56:  Gelisols Download PDF
Chapter  57:  Vertisols Download PDF
Chapter  58:  Mollisols Download PDF
Chapter  59:  Spodosols Download PDF
Chapter  60:  Aridisols Download PDF
Chapter  61:  Alfisols Download PDF
Chapter  62:  Ultisols Download PDF
Chapter  63:  Oxisols Download PDF
Chapter  64:  Land Evaluation for Landscape Units Download PDF
Chapter  65:  Hydropedology Download PDF
Chapter  66:  Subaqueous Soils Download PDF
Chapter  67:  Digital Soil Mapping Download PDF
Chapter  68:  Soil Change in the Anthropocene: Bridging Pedology, Land Use and Soil Management Download PDF
Chapter  69:  Noninvasive Geophysical Methods Used in Soil Science Download PDF
Index Download PDF
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