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Volume I Measurement and Safety

Instrument and Automation Engineers’ Handbook

Edited by: BéLa G. Lipták , Kriszta Venczel

Print publication date:  October  2016
Online publication date:  November  2016

Print ISBN: 9781498727648
eBook ISBN: 9781315370330
Adobe ISBN:

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Book description

The Instrument and Automation Engineers? Handbook (IAEH) is the #1 process automation handbook in the world. Volume one of the Fifth Edition, Measurement and Safety, covers safety sensors and the detectors of physical properties.

Measurement and Safety is an invaluable resource that:

  • Describes the detectors used in the measurement of process variables
  • Offers application- and method-specific guidance for choosing the best measurement device
  • Provides tables of detector capabilities and other practical information at a glance
  • Contains detailed descriptions of domestic and overseas products, their features, capabilities, and suppliers, including suppliers? web addresses

Complete with 163 alphabetized chapters and a thorough index for quick access to specific information, Measurement and Safety is a must-have reference for instrument and automation engineers working in the chemical, oil/gas, pharmaceutical, pollution, energy, plastics, paper, wastewater, food, etc. industries.

About the eBook
The most important new feature of the IAEH, Fifth Edition is its availability as an eBook. The eBook provides the same content as the print edition, with the addition of thousands of web addresses so that readers can reach suppliers or reference books and articles on the hundreds of topics covered in the handbook. This feature includes a complete bidders' list that allows readers to issue their specifications for competitive bids from any or all potential product suppliers.

Table of contents

Chapter  1:  Accuracy and Rangeability Download PDF
Chapter  2:  Binary Logic Diagrams Download PDF
Chapter  3:  Calibration Download PDF
Chapter  4:  Configuring Intelligent Field Devices Download PDF
Chapter  5:  Evaluation of Instrument quality Download PDF
Chapter  6:  Instrument Installation Download PDF
Chapter  7:  Redundant and Voting Systems Download PDF
Chapter  8:  Soft Sensors Download PDF
Chapter  9:  Terminology for Automation and Testing Download PDF
Chapter  10:  Uncertainty Download PDF
Chapter  11:  Flowmeter Selection Download PDF
Chapter  12:  Applications Download PDF
Chapter  13:  Applications Download PDF
Chapter  14:  Applications Download PDF
Chapter  15:  Applications Download PDF
Chapter  16:  Calibration and Maintenance Download PDF
Chapter  17:  Installation Download PDF
Chapter  18:  Anemometers Download PDF
Chapter  19:  BTU Flow Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  20:  BTU Flow Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  21:  Cross-Correlation Flowmetering Download PDF
Chapter  22:  Elbow Flowmeters Download PDF
Chapter  23:  Flow Switches Download PDF
Chapter  24:  Laminar Flowmeters Download PDF
Chapter  25:  Magnetic Flowmeters Download PDF
Chapter  26:  Mass Flowmeters Download PDF
Chapter  27:  Mass Flowmeters Download PDF
Chapter  28:  Mass Flowmeters Download PDF
Chapter  29:  Metering Pumps Download PDF
Chapter  30:  Oil-Custody Transfer Download PDF
Chapter  31:  Orifices Download PDF
Chapter  32:  Paddle Flow Switches Download PDF
Chapter  33:  Pitot and Area-Averaging Tubes Download PDF
Chapter  34:  Positive-Displacement Gas Meters Download PDF
Chapter  35:  Positive-Displacement Liquid Meters and Provers Download PDF
Chapter  36:  Purge Flow Regulators Download PDF
Chapter  37:  Segmental Wedge Flowmeter Download PDF
Chapter  38:  Sight Flow Indicators Download PDF
Chapter  39:  Solids Flowmeter and Feeder Download PDF
Chapter  40:  Target Meters Download PDF
Chapter  41:  Turbine and Other Rotary Element Flowmeters Download PDF
Chapter  42:  Ultrasonic Flowmeters Download PDF
Chapter  43:  Variable Area, Gap, and Vane Flowmeters Download PDF
Chapter  44:  Venturi, Proprietary Tubes, and Flow Nozzles Download PDF
Chapter  45:  Vortex and Fluidic Flowmeters Download PDF
Chapter  46:  V-Shaped Cone Flow Elements Download PDF
Chapter  47:  Weirs and Flumes for Open Channels Download PDF
Chapter  48:  Selection of Level Detectors Download PDF
Chapter  49:  Installation Considerations Download PDF
Chapter  50:  Applications: Interface, Foam, Boiling Services Download PDF
Chapter  51:  Applications: Non-Contacting, Non-Penetrating Download PDF
Chapter  52:  Applications: Tank Gauges for Oil and Gas Download PDF
Chapter  53:  Applications: Water Level Measurement in Nuclear Reactors Download PDF
Chapter  54:  Bubblers Download PDF
Chapter  55:  Capacitance and Radio Frequency (RF) Admittance Download PDF
Chapter  56:  Conductivity and Field-Effect Level Switches Download PDF
Chapter  57:  Diaphragm Level Detectors Download PDF
Chapter  58:  Differential Pressure Level Detectors Download PDF
Chapter  59:  Displacer Type Level Detectors Download PDF
Chapter  60:  Float Level Devices Download PDF
Chapter  61:  Laser Level Sensors Download PDF
Chapter  62:  Level Gauges, Including Magnetic Download PDF
Chapter  63:  Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters Download PDF
Chapter  64:  Microwave Level Switches Download PDF
Chapter  65:  Optical and IR Level Switches Download PDF
Chapter  66:  Radar: Contact Level Sensors (TDR , GWR, and PDS) Download PDF
Chapter  67:  Radar: Non-Contacting Level Sensors Download PDF
Chapter  68:  Radiation Level Sensors Download PDF
Chapter  69:  Resistance Tapes Download PDF
Chapter  70:  Rotary Paddle Switches (Solids Level Detector) Download PDF
Chapter  71:  Tank Farm Gauges for Liquids and Solids Download PDF
Chapter  72:  Thermal Dispersion Level Sensors Download PDF
Chapter  73:  Ultrasonic Level Detectors Download PDF
Chapter  74:  Vibrating Level Switches Download PDF
Chapter  75:  Selection of Temperature Sensors Download PDF
Chapter  76:  Applications: Cryogenic Temperature Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  77:  Applications: High Temperature Download PDF
Chapter  78:  Bimetallic Thermometers Download PDF
Chapter  79:  Calibrators and Simulators Download PDF
Chapter  80:  Cones, Crayons, Labels, Paints, and Pellets Download PDF
Chapter  81:  Filled-Bulb and Glass-Stem Thermometers Download PDF
Chapter  82:  Integrated Circuitry (IC), Transistors and Diodes Download PDF
Chapter  83:  Miscellaneous Temperature Sensors Download PDF
Chapter  84:  Optical Fiber Thermometers (OFT) Download PDF
Chapter  85:  Radiation Pyrometers: Infrared (IR), Total, and Optical Download PDF
Chapter  86:  Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs) Download PDF
Chapter  87:  Temperature Switches and Thermostats Download PDF
Chapter  88:  Thermistors Download PDF
Chapter  89:  Thermocouples Download PDF
Chapter  90:  Thermowells Download PDF
Chapter  91:  Ultrasonic Thermometers Download PDF
Chapter  92:  Selection of Pressure Detectors Download PDF
Chapter  93:  Accessories (Seals, Snubbers, Calibrators, Manifolds) Download PDF
Chapter  94:  Bellows Elements and Barometers Download PDF
Chapter  95:  Bourdon and Helical Elements Download PDF
Chapter  96:  Diaphragm or Capsule Elements Download PDF
Chapter  97:  Differential Pressure Instruments Download PDF
Chapter  98:  Electronic Pressure Sensors Download PDF
Chapter  99:  High-Pressure Sensors Download PDF
Chapter  100:  Manometers Download PDF
Chapter  101:  Pneumatic Repeaters and Boosters Download PDF
Chapter  102:  Pressure and Differential Pressure (D/P) Switches Download PDF
Chapter  103:  Pressure Gauges Download PDF
Chapter  104:  Pressure Scanners Download PDF
Chapter  105:  Vacuum Sensors Download PDF
Chapter  106:  Selection of Density Detectors Download PDF
Chapter  107:  Displacement and Float-Type Densitometers Download PDF
Chapter  108:  Gas Densitometers Download PDF
Chapter  109:  Hydrometers Download PDF
Chapter  110:  Hydrostatic Densitometers Download PDF
Chapter  111:  Oscillating Densitometers (Coriolis) Download PDF
Chapter  112:  Radiation Densitometers Download PDF
Chapter  113:  Ultrasonic Sludge Slurry Densitometers Download PDF
Chapter  114:  Vibrating Densitometers Download PDF
Chapter  115:  Weighing Densitometers Download PDF
Chapter  116:  Building Optimization Sensors Download PDF
Chapter  117:  Electric Energy Management: Demand Shedding Download PDF
Chapter  118:  Electric Meters Download PDF
Chapter  119:  Machine Vision Technology Download PDF
Chapter  120:  Metal Detectors Download PDF
Chapter  121:  Noise Sensors and Nondestructive Testing Download PDF
Chapter  122:  Nuclear Reactor Measurements Download PDF
Chapter  123:  Pipe Integrity Gauges (PIGs) Download PDF
Chapter  124:  Position Measurement, Linear And Angular Download PDF
Chapter  125:  Proximity Sensors and Limit Switches Download PDF
Chapter  126:  Solar Collector Positioning Download PDF
Chapter  127:  Tachometers and Angular Speed Detectors Download PDF
Chapter  128:  Thickness and Dimension Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  129:  Torque and Force Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  130:  Transportation Related Sensors Download PDF
Chapter  131:  Vibration, Shock, and Acceleration Download PDF
Chapter  132:  Visual Inspection Tools, Borescopes Download PDF
Chapter  133:  Weather Stations Download PDF
Chapter  134:  Weight Detectors Load Cells Download PDF
Chapter  135:  Weighing Systems Download PDF
Chapter  136:  Annunciators and Alarms Management Download PDF
Chapter  137:  Electrical and Intrinsic Safety Download PDF
Chapter  138:  Excess Flow and Regular Check Valves Download PDF
Chapter  139:  Explosion Proofing of Instrumentation Download PDF
Chapter  140:  Explosion Suppression and Deluge Systems Download PDF
Chapter  141:  Flame Arrestor, Conservation and Emergency Vents Download PDF
Chapter  142:  Flame, Fire, and Smoke Detectors Download PDF
Chapter  143:  Nuclear Accidents Download PDF
Chapter  144:  Nuclear Radiation Detectors Download PDF
Chapter  145:  oil industry Accidents Download PDF
Chapter  146:  Relief valves: determination of Required Capacity Download PDF
Chapter  147:  Relief Valves: Sizing, Specification, and Installation Download PDF
Chapter  148:  Rupture Discs Download PDF
Chapter  149:  Transmitters: Electronic Download PDF
Chapter  150:  Transmitters: Fiber-Optic Download PDF
Chapter  151:  Transmitters: Pneumatic Download PDF
Chapter  152:  Transmitters: Smart, Multivariable Download PDF
Chapter  153:  Transmitters: Wireless Download PDF
Appendix_6 Download PDF
Appendix_2 Download PDF
Appendix_4 Download PDF
prelims Download PDF
Appendix_8 Download PDF
Appendix_5 Download PDF
Appendix_1 Download PDF
Appendix_3 Download PDF
Appendix_7 Download PDF
Index Download PDF
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