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Encyclopedia of Software Engineering

Edited by: Phillip A. Laplante , William Agresti , Larry Bernstein , Shawn A. Bohner , George Hacken , Mike Hinchey , Tiziana Margaria , Colin J. Neill , Paolo Nesi , Dan Paulish , Raghvinder S. Sangwan , Jing Sun , Jeffrey Voas , Pamela Abbott , William Agresti , Norita Ahmad , Edward Alef , Alain April , Felix Bachmann , Rohit Bahl , Janaka Balasooriya , Larry Bernstein , Fernando Berzal , David Binkley , Dick Brodine , Radu Calinescu , Donald Chand , Kuang-Nan Chang , Ned Chapin , T.Y. Chen , S.C. Cheung , Lawrence Chung , Richard Clayton , Andrea De Lucia , Joanna DeFranco , Maria del Mar Gallardo , Jean Marc Desharnais , Yvonne Dittrich , Scott Donaldson , Christof Ebert , Ghizlane El Boussaidi , Hakan Erdogmus , Letha Etzkorn , John Feminella , Daniel Ferens , Christopher Fox , John Gallagher , Thom Garrett , Swapna Gokhale , Anthony Gold , Márcio Greyck Batista Dias , Vijay Gurbani , George Hacken , Richard Halterman , John Harauz , Ed Harcourt , Eric Hehner , Robert M. Hierons , Mike Hinchey , Jonathan Holt , Caroline Howard , Idris Hsi , Craig Jacobs , Ivar Jacobson , Paul C. Jorgensen , Michael Joy , Ronald K. Kandt , Mira Kajko-Mattsen , Gregory M. Kapfhammer , Rick Kazman , Jon Kern , Thomas Kühne , Stan Kurkovsky , Kathy Land , Gerard Lyons , Jeff Maddalon , Frank Maginnis , Aditya Mathur , James McDonald , Susan Mengel , James Moore , Judith Myerson , Kuang-Nan Chang , Colin Neill , Paolo Nesi , Gunnar Overgaard , Srini Ramaswamy , Franz Rammig , Hassan Reza , David Rico , Michelle Rogers , Colette Rolland , Dieter Rombach , Chris Rouff , Motoshi Saeki , Arthur Salwin , Raghvinder S. Sangwan , Vibha Sazawal , Jim Schiel , Annie Shebanow , Onkar Singh , Paul Solomon , Thanwadee Sunetnanta , Yuen Tak Yu , Richard Turner , Jeffrey Voas , Ellen Walker , Chuck Walrad , Yong Wang , Jonah Weber , Roel Wieringa , Bernhard Westfechtel , Linda Wilbanks , Marcus Wolf , Brendan Wright , Tao Xie , Thomas Zimmerman

Print publication date:  November  2010
Online publication date:  November  2010

Print ISBN: 9781420059779
eBook ISBN: 9781351249270
Adobe ISBN:

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Book description

Software engineering requires specialized knowledge of a broad spectrum of topics, including the construction of software and the platforms, applications, and environments in which the software operates as well as an understanding of the people who build and use the software.

Offering an authoritative perspective, the two volumes of the Encyclopedia of Software Engineering cover the entire multidisciplinary scope of this important field. More than 200 expert contributors and reviewers from industry and academia across 21 countries provide easy-to-read entries that cover software requirements, design, construction, testing, maintenance, configuration management, quality control, and software engineering management tools and methods.

Editor Phillip A. Laplante uses the most universally recognized definition of the areas of relevance to software engineering, the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SWEBOK®), as a template for organizing the material. Also available in an electronic format, this encyclopedia supplies software engineering students, IT professionals, researchers, managers, and scholars with unrivaled coverage of the topics that encompass this ever-changing field.

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Table of contents

Chapter  1:  Entity-Life Modeling Download PDF
Chapter  2:  Agent-Oriented Software Engineering Download PDF
Chapter  3:  Agile Software Development Download PDF
Chapter  4:  Agile Software Development: Teams Download PDF
Chapter  5:  Architecture and Design Recovery Download PDF
Chapter  6:  Architecture: Analysis Download PDF
Chapter  7:  Architecture: Description Languages Download PDF
Chapter  8:  Architecture: Design Download PDF
Chapter  9:  Audits and Management Reviews Download PDF
Chapter  10:  Automated Software Testing (AST) Download PDF
Chapter  11:  Autonomic Systems Download PDF
Chapter  12:  Bioinformatics: Processes and Workflows Download PDF
Chapter  13:  Business Domain Modeling Download PDF
Chapter  14:  Code Quality Download PDF
Chapter  15:  Communication Software: Design and Testing Download PDF
Chapter  16:  Configuration Auditing Download PDF
Chapter  17:  Defect Prevention Processes (DPP) Download PDF
Chapter  18:  Design: Patterns Download PDF
Chapter  19:  Design: Proof-Based Certification Download PDF
Chapter  20:  Development: Information Retrieval Applications Download PDF
Chapter  21:  Earned Value Management Download PDF
Chapter  22:  Economics Download PDF
Chapter  23:  Ethics Download PDF
Chapter  24:  Ethnography Download PDF
Chapter  25:  Fault Injection Download PDF
Chapter  26:  Fault-Based Testing Download PDF
Chapter  27:  Formal Methods Download PDF
Chapter  28:  Formal Requirements Specification Download PDF
Chapter  29:  Functional Programming in ML Download PDF
Chapter  30:  Grid Environments: Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Download PDF
Chapter  31:  Hard Real-Time Systems: Construction Download PDF
Chapter  32:  Human Factors Engineering Download PDF
Chapter  33:  Human-Centered Computing Download PDF
Chapter  34:  IEEE Computer Society Download PDF
Chapter  35:  Logic Programming Download PDF
Chapter  36:  Maintenance Download PDF
Chapter  37:  Maintenance and Evolution: Information Retrieval Applications Download PDF
Chapter  38:  Maintenance: Process Download PDF
Chapter  39:  Maintenance: Risk Download PDF
Chapter  40:  Maintenance: Techniques Download PDF
Chapter  41:  Management: Tools Download PDF
Chapter  42:  Medical Device Industry: Software Process Improvement Download PDF
Chapter  43:  Metamodeling Download PDF
Chapter  44:  Model-Based Testing Download PDF
Chapter  45:  Model-Based Testing: Approaches and Notations Download PDF
Chapter  46:  Model-Based Testing: Trends Download PDF
Chapter  47:  Mutation Testing Download PDF
Chapter  48:  Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Download PDF
Chapter  49:  Open Source Software Download PDF
Chapter  50:  Operational Profile Testing Download PDF
Chapter  51:  Outsourcing Download PDF
Chapter  52:  Pair Programming Download PDF
Chapter  53:  Patterns Download PDF
Chapter  54:  Policy-Based Testing Download PDF
Chapter  55:  Process Download PDF
Chapter  56:  Process: Assessment and Improvement Download PDF
Chapter  57:  Process: Definition and Communication Download PDF
Chapter  58:  Product Portfolios: Management Download PDF
Chapter  59:  Program Comprehension Download PDF
Chapter  60:  Program Representation Download PDF
Chapter  61:  Programming Phase: Formal Methods Download PDF
Chapter  62:  Project Control: Visualization Download PDF
Chapter  63:  Project Estimation Download PDF
Chapter  64:  Project Life Cycle: Construction Download PDF
Chapter  65:  Project Management: Planning and Scheduling Download PDF
Chapter  66:  Project Management: Success Factors Download PDF
Chapter  67:  Projects and Processes: Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  68:  Prototyping Methods Download PDF
Chapter  69:  Reconfigurable Computing Systems Download PDF
Chapter  70:  Regression Testing Download PDF
Chapter  71:  Reliability Modeling Download PDF
Chapter  72:  Requirements Engineer Download PDF
Chapter  73:  Requirements Engineering: Management Download PDF
Chapter  74:  Requirements Engineering: Principles and Practice Download PDF
Chapter  75:  Requirements Engineering: Technique Selection Download PDF
Chapter  76:  Requirements Interaction Detection Download PDF
Chapter  77:  Requirements: Tracing Download PDF
Chapter  78:  Requirements: Understanding Download PDF
Chapter  79:  Reverse Engineering Download PDF
Chapter  80:  Risk Management Download PDF
Chapter  81:  Round-Trip Engineering Download PDF
Chapter  82:  Security Testing Download PDF
Chapter  83:  Self-Managing Software Download PDF
Chapter  84:  Semantic Web Download PDF
Chapter  85:  Smart Machines Download PDF
Chapter  86:  Software Configuration Management (SCM) Process Download PDF
Chapter  87:  Software Engineering: History Download PDF
Chapter  88:  Software Evolution Download PDF
Chapter  89:  Software Failure Download PDF
Chapter  90:  Software Fault Localization Download PDF
Chapter  91:  Software Measurement Body of Knowledge Download PDF
Chapter  92:  Software Testing Download PDF
Chapter  93:  Software Testing: Tools Download PDF
Chapter  94:  Subdomain (Partition) Testing Download PDF
Chapter  95:  Test Case Generation: Specification-Based Download PDF
Chapter  96:  Test-Driven Development Download PDF
Chapter  97:  Triptych Process Model Download PDF
Chapter  98:  Unified Modeling Language (UML) Download PDF
Chapter  99:  Unified Modeling Language (UML): Visual Development Download PDF
Chapter  100:  Unit Testing Download PDF
Chapter  101:  Use Case Specifications: State-Based Elicitation Download PDF
Chapter  102:  Use Cases Download PDF
Chapter  103:  User Stories Download PDF
Chapter  104:  User-Centered Design Download PDF
Chapter  105:  Viewpoints Download PDF
Chapter  106:  Virtual Teams Download PDF
Chapter  107:  Visualization Download PDF
Chapter  108:  Knowledge Representation for Intelligent Systems Download PDF
Chapter  109:  Professional Licensure Download PDF
Chapter  110:  Combinatorial Testing Download PDF
Chapter  111:  Parallel Programming Download PDF
Chapter  112:  Software Product Management Download PDF
Chapter  113:  Global Software Engineering Download PDF
Chapter  114:  Estimation Download PDF
Chapter  115:  Preparing Students and Engineers for Global Software Development: An Architecture Based on Simulation Download PDF
Chapter  116:  Systems and Software Product Line Engineering Download PDF
Chapter  117:  Power Management Formalism for Embedded Software Download PDF
Chapter  118:  Managing Evolving Services Download PDF
Chapter  119:  Automatic Repair of Software Systems Download PDF
Chapter  120:  Three-Dimensional Game Character Creation Download PDF
Chapter  121:  Algorithm Analysis and the Transition to Software Download PDF
Chapter  122:  Feature Modeling for Product Line Software Engineering Download PDF
Chapter  123:  Safety-Critical Systems Download PDF
Chapter  124:  Graduate Software Engineering 2009 (GSwE2009) Download PDF
Chapter  125:  Iso 9001 Download PDF
Chapter  126:  Scrum Download PDF
Chapter  127:  Non-Functional Requirements in Process-Oriented Approaches Download PDF
Chapter  128:  Developer-Friendly Software Security Download PDF
Chapter  129:  Software Engineering for Aerospace Systems Download PDF
Chapter  130:  Structural Epochs in Software Evolution Download PDF
Chapter  131:  Acquisitions Management Download PDF
Prelims1 Download PDF
Index1 Download PDF
Index2 Download PDF
Prelims2 Download PDF
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