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<P>The first edition of the <STRONG>Encyclopedia of Optical and Photonic Engineering</STRONG> provided a valuable reference concerning devices or systems that generate, transmit, measure, or detect light, and to a lesser degree, the basic interaction of light and matter. This <B>Second Edition</B> not only reflects the changes in optical and photonic engineering that have occurred since the first edition was published, but also:</P> <UL> <LI>Boasts a wealth of new material, expanding the encyclopedia?s length by 25 percent</LI> <LI>Contains extensive updates, with significant revisions made throughout the text</LI> <LI>Features contributions from engineers and scientists leading the fields of optics and photonics today</LI></UL> <P>With the addition of a second editor, the <STRONG>Encyclopedia of Optical and Photonic Engineering, Second Edition </STRONG>offers a balanced and up-to-date look at the fundamentals of a diverse portfolio of technologies and discoveries in areas ranging from x-ray optics to photon entanglement and beyond. This edition?s release corresponds nicely with the United Nations General Assembly?s declaration of 2015 as the International Year of Light, working in tandem to raise awareness about light?s important role in the modern world.</P> <P><STRONG><EM>Also Available Online</EM></STRONG><BR>This Taylor &amp; Francis encyclopedia is also available through online subscription, offering a variety of extra benefits for researchers, students, and librarians, including:</P> <UL> <P> <LI>Citation tracking and alerts</LI> <LI>Active reference linking</LI> <LI>Saved searches and marked lists</LI> <LI>HTML and PDF format options</LI> <P></P></UL> <P>Contact Taylor and Francis for more information or to inquire about subscription options and print/online combination packages.<BR>US: (Tel) 1.888.318.2367; (E-mail) [email protected]<BR>International: (Tel) +44 (0) 20 7017 6062; (E-mail) [email protected] </P>

Table of contents

Chapter  1:  Aberrations Download PDF
Chapter  2:  Adjacency Effect Download PDF
Chapter  3:  Aerosols Download PDF
Chapter  4:  Anomalous Skin Effect: Reflectance and Scattering Download PDF
Chapter  5:  Antireflection Coatings Download PDF
Chapter  6:  Artificial Media: Subwavelength Scale Optical Properties Download PDF
Chapter  7:  Astronomy Download PDF
Chapter  8:  Astronomy: X-Ray Download PDF
Chapter  9:  Atmospheric Blur and Image Restoration Download PDF
Chapter  10:  Atmospheric Optics Download PDF
Chapter  11:  Automatic Target Detection Download PDF
Chapter  12:  Automatic Target Recognition Download PDF
Chapter  13:  Backscatter Download PDF
Chapter  14:  Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF) Download PDF
Chapter  15:  Biomedical Spectroscopy Download PDF
Chapter  16:  Biometrics Download PDF
Chapter  17:  Biopsy: Optical Download PDF
Chapter  18:  Birefringence Download PDF
Chapter  19:  Bonded Optics: Performance Optimization Download PDF
Chapter  20:  Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics Download PDF
Chapter  21:  Coherence Download PDF
Chapter  22:  Coherence Theory Download PDF
Chapter  23:  Collimation Testing Techniques Download PDF
Chapter  24:  Communication Networks: Performance Monitoring Download PDF
Chapter  25:  Complex Variables Download PDF
Chapter  26:  Compression Transforms: Hierarchical, Including Wavelets Download PDF
Chapter  27:  Compression Transforms: Image Quality Measures Download PDF
Chapter  28:  Compressive Sampling for Optical Systems Download PDF
Chapter  29:  Computer-Generated Holograms (CGH) Download PDF
Chapter  30:  Crystallography: X-Ray Download PDF
Chapter  31:  Data Storage: High Density Download PDF
Chapter  32:  Data Storage: Holographic Download PDF
Chapter  33:  Data Storage: Phase-Change Media Download PDF
Chapter  34:  Data Storage: Volumetric, Ultra-High Density Download PDF
Chapter  35:  Delta T (Differential Blackbody Temperature) Download PDF
Chapter  36:  Detectors: Figures of Merit Download PDF
Chapter  37:  Detectors: Focal Plane Array Technology Download PDF
Chapter  38:  Detectors: Infrared and Focal Plane Arrays Download PDF
Chapter  39:  Diffractive Optics Download PDF
Chapter  40:  Diffractive Optics: Fabrication Download PDF
Chapter  41:  Diffractive Optics: Methods Download PDF
Chapter  42:  Digital Image Restoration: Classical Download PDF
Chapter  43:  Digital Images: Compression Download PDF
Chapter  44:  Digital Images: Enhancement Download PDF
Chapter  45:  Digital Images: Processing Download PDF
Chapter  46:  Digital Images: Redundancy Download PDF
Chapter  47:  Disk Drives, Optical: Mechanical Design and Servo Systems Download PDF
Chapter  48:  Display Systems: Binocular and 3-D, Visual Comfort Download PDF
Chapter  49:  Display Systems: Head-Mounted Download PDF
Chapter  50:  Display Systems: Stereoscopic Download PDF
Chapter  51:  Displays: Retinal Scanning Download PDF
Chapter  52:  Distortion Download PDF
Chapter  53:  Electro-Optical Imaging Systems: Performance Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  54:  Electro-Optical Materials Download PDF
Chapter  55:  Electro-Optical Materials: Inorganic Download PDF
Chapter  56:  Electro-Optical Scanners Download PDF
Chapter  57:  Emissivity Measurements: Infrared Imaging Radiometric Cameras Download PDF
Chapter  58:  Etching Download PDF
Chapter  59:  Eye Movements and Accommodation Download PDF
Chapter  60:  F-Number, Numerical Aperture, and Depth of Focus Download PDF
Chapter  61:  Femtosecond Pulses: High Power Download PDF
Chapter  62:  Film Thickness Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  63:  Filters: Circular Polarization Download PDF
Chapter  64:  Fluorescence Microscopy Download PDF
Chapter  65:  Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) Download PDF
Chapter  66:  Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) and Electro-Optical Sensors: Simulation Download PDF
Chapter  67:  Fourier Data Processing in Optics Download PDF
Chapter  68:  Fourier Optics and Optical Signal Processing Download PDF
Chapter  69:  Fourier Spectrometer Download PDF
Chapter  70:  Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy Download PDF
Chapter  71:  Frequency Doubling and Mixing Download PDF
Chapter  72:  Fresnel Equations Download PDF
Chapter  73:  Galaxies Download PDF
Chapter  74:  Gas Lasers Download PDF
Chapter  75:  Glass Waveguide Fabrication Download PDF
Chapter  76:  Glassworking: Optical Applications Download PDF
Chapter  77:  Gyroscopes: Ring Laser Download PDF
Chapter  78:  Holography Download PDF
Chapter  79:  Honeybee: Visual System Design Download PDF
Chapter  80:  Human Vision and Color Download PDF
Chapter  81:  Illumination Optics Download PDF
Chapter  82:  Image Compression: Applications Download PDF
Chapter  83:  Image Compression: JPEG-2000 Standard Download PDF
Chapter  84:  Image Compression: Lossless Download PDF
Chapter  85:  Image Compression: Lossy Blockwise Download PDF
Chapter  86:  Image Intensifiers Download PDF
Chapter  87:  Image Processing: Multispectral and Hyperspectral, Initial Processing Download PDF
Chapter  88:  Image Processing: Multispectral and Hyperspectral, Spectral Analysis Download PDF
Chapter  89:  Image Processing: Multispectral and Hyperspectral, Transforms, Classification, and Coding Download PDF
Chapter  90:  Image Quality Equations and National Imagery Interpretability Rating Scale (NIIRS) Download PDF
Chapter  91:  Image Restoration Download PDF
Chapter  92:  Image Segmentation Download PDF
Chapter  93:  Image Sequence Processing Download PDF
Chapter  94:  Infrared Imaging Systems Download PDF
Chapter  95:  Integral Transforms Download PDF
Chapter  96:  Integrated Optical Circuits Download PDF
Chapter  97:  Integrated Optical Waveguides Download PDF
Chapter  98:  Interband Cascade Lasers Download PDF
Chapter  99:  Interference Download PDF
Chapter  100:  Interferometers Download PDF
Chapter  101:  Iterated Function Systems Download PDF
Chapter  102:  Laser and Gaussian Beam Propagation and Transformation Download PDF
Chapter  103:  Laser Beam Shaping: Aspheric Optics Download PDF
Chapter  104:  Laser Range-Gated Imagers Download PDF
Chapter  105:  Laser Transmitters Download PDF
Chapter  106:  Laser-Cooled Atoms and Optical Lattices Download PDF
Chapter  107:  Lasers Download PDF
Chapter  108:  Lasers: Ceramic Materials Download PDF
Chapter  109:  Lasers: Industrial Download PDF
Chapter  110:  Lasers: Medical Applications Download PDF
Chapter  111:  Lasers: Surgical Applications Download PDF
Chapter  112:  Lasers: Tunable Download PDF
Chapter  113:  Lenses, Mirrors and Prisms Download PDF
Chapter  114:  Lenses: Design Download PDF
Chapter  115:  Lenses: Fresnel Download PDF
Chapter  116:  Lenses: Gradient Index (GRIN) Download PDF
Chapter  117:  Lenses: Spherical and Cylindrical Download PDF
Chapter  118:  Lidar: Aerosol Sensing Download PDF
Chapter  119:  Lidar: Remote Sensing Download PDF
Chapter  120:  Lidar: Wind, Raman, and Other Sensing Download PDF
Chapter  121:  Light Emitting Diodes Download PDF
Chapter  122:  Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs): Active Matrix Download PDF
Chapter  123:  Liquid Crystals: Cholesteric, Guest-Host, and Polymer-Dispersed Download PDF
Chapter  124:  Liquid Crystals: Electro-Optical Modes and Applications Download PDF
Chapter  125:  Liquid Crystals: Non-Linear Optical Effects Download PDF
Chapter  126:  Liquid Crystals: Optical Properties and Basic Devices Download PDF
Chapter  127:  Lithography: Extreme Ultraviolet Download PDF
Chapter  128:  Living Cells: Optical Manipulation Download PDF
Chapter  129:  Machine Vision Download PDF
Chapter  130:  Machine Vision: Image Processing Download PDF
Chapter  131:  Machine Vision: Lighting Download PDF
Chapter  132:  Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Download PDF
Chapter  133:  Metrology Download PDF
Chapter  134:  Metrology: Optical Shop Download PDF
Chapter  135:  Micro-Optics: Optical System Design Download PDF
Chapter  136:  Microscopes Download PDF
Chapter  137:  Microscopy Download PDF
Chapter  138:  Microscopy: Living Cells, Tissues, and Organs Download PDF
Chapter  139:  Microscopy: X-Ray Download PDF
Chapter  140:  Military Imaging Experiments Download PDF
Chapter  141:  Milky Way Download PDF
Chapter  142:  Mirrors: Microroughness and Light Scattering Download PDF
Chapter  143:  Modulation and Coding Download PDF
Chapter  144:  Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) Download PDF
Chapter  145:  Molding Optical Components Download PDF
Chapter  146:  Motion Perception Download PDF
Chapter  147:  Nanophotonics for Photovoltaics Download PDF
Chapter  148:  National Imagery Interpretability Rating Scale (NIIRS) Download PDF
Chapter  149:  Night Vision Modeling: Historical Perspectives Download PDF
Chapter  150:  Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference (NETD) Download PDF
Chapter  151:  Noise: Fixed Pattern Download PDF
Chapter  152:  Noise: Three-Dimensional Download PDF
Chapter  153:  Nonlinear Absorption Download PDF
Chapter  154:  Nonlinear Crystals: Quasi-Phase Matched Download PDF
Chapter  155:  Nonlinear Molecular Photonics Download PDF
Chapter  156:  Nonlinear Refraction Download PDF
Chapter  157:  Ocean Optics: Air and Sea Interface Download PDF
Chapter  158:  Ocean Optics: Airborne Systems for Seeing Into Water Download PDF
Chapter  159:  Ocean Optics: Properties and Effects Download PDF
Chapter  160:  Ophthalmic Optics Download PDF
Chapter  161:  Optical Amplifiers Download PDF
Chapter  162:  Optical Coherence Tomography Download PDF
Chapter  163:  Optical Computing Download PDF
Chapter  164:  Optical Correlators Download PDF
Chapter  165:  Optical Correlators: Applications Download PDF
Chapter  166:  Optical Correlators: Compact Real-Time Download PDF
Chapter  167:  Optical Correlators: Joint Transform Download PDF
Chapter  168:  Optical Correlators: Spatial Light Modulators Download PDF
Chapter  169:  Optical Correlators: Vander Lugt Download PDF
Chapter  170:  Optical Correlators: Wavelet Transform Download PDF
Chapter  171:  Optical Design and Fabrication Download PDF
Chapter  172:  Optical Fiber: Structured Download PDF
Chapter  173:  Optical Fibers: Biosensors Download PDF
Chapter  174:  Optical Fibers: Characteristics Download PDF
Chapter  175:  Optical Fibers: Highly Nonlinear Download PDF
Chapter  176:  Optical Fibers: Networks Download PDF
Chapter  177:  Optical Fibers: Optical Communications Download PDF
Chapter  178:  Optical Fibers: Sources Download PDF
Chapter  179:  Optical Heads Download PDF
Chapter  180:  Optical Logic Gates and Algebra Download PDF
Chapter  181:  Optical Modulators Download PDF
Chapter  182:  Optical Neural Networks Download PDF
Chapter  183:  Optical Parametric Oscillators and Amplifiers Download PDF
Chapter  184:  Optical Pulse Generation: Ultrafast Download PDF
Chapter  185:  Optical System Optimization Download PDF
Chapter  186:  Optical Transfer Functions Download PDF
Chapter  187:  Optical Tweezers Download PDF
Chapter  188:  Opto-Electronics Download PDF
Chapter  189:  Opto-Electronics: Neural Networks Download PDF
Chapter  190:  Opto-Electronics: Receivers Download PDF
Chapter  191:  Paraxial Optics Download PDF
Chapter  192:  Partial Differential Equations Download PDF
Chapter  193:  Pattern Recognition Download PDF
Chapter  194:  Photodetectors: Avalanche Download PDF
Chapter  195:  Photometry Download PDF
Chapter  196:  Photon Detectors Download PDF
Chapter  197:  Photonic Crystals Download PDF
Chapter  198:  Photonic Integrated Circuits Download PDF
Chapter  199:  Photonic Switches Download PDF
Chapter  200:  Photorefractive Materials and Applications Download PDF
Chapter  201:  Piezoelectric Effect Download PDF
Chapter  202:  Plasmonics Download PDF
Chapter  203:  Point-Spread Functions Download PDF
Chapter  204:  Polarization Measurements Download PDF
Chapter  205:  Polarization Phenomena in Optical Systems Download PDF
Chapter  206:  Psychophysics and Psychophysical Measurement Download PDF
Chapter  207:  Pulse Image Processing Download PDF
Chapter  208:  Pupils and Stops Download PDF
Chapter  209:  Quantum Dot Devices Download PDF
Chapter  210:  Quantum Efficiency Download PDF
Chapter  211:  Quantum Information Processing and Cryptography Download PDF
Chapter  212:  Quantum Optics Download PDF
Chapter  213:  Quantum Optics: Photonic Band Gap Materials Download PDF
Chapter  214:  Quantum State Engineering and Stabilization Download PDF
Chapter  215:  Quantum Well Infrared Photodetector (QWIP) Download PDF
Chapter  216:  Radiometry Download PDF
Chapter  217:  Radiometry: Remote Sensing Download PDF
Chapter  218:  Random Processes Download PDF
Chapter  219:  Ray Tracing: Paraxial Download PDF
Chapter  220:  Ray Tracing: Real Download PDF
Chapter  221:  Remote Sensing Download PDF
Chapter  222:  Remote Sensing: Electro-Optical Systems Download PDF
Chapter  223:  Reticles Download PDF
Chapter  224:  Reticles: Missile Seekers Download PDF
Chapter  225:  Reticles: Nutating Systems Download PDF
Chapter  226:  Reticles: Rotating Systems Download PDF
Chapter  227:  Scanners and Modulators:Acousto-Optical Download PDF
Chapter  228:  Scanners: Galvanometric and Resonant Download PDF
Chapter  229:  Scanning and Confocal Microscopy Download PDF
Chapter  230:  Scattering Download PDF
Chapter  231:  Scintillation Download PDF
Chapter  232:  Semiconductor Materials: III-V Nonlinear Characteristics Download PDF
Chapter  233:  Sensor and Image Fusion Download PDF
Chapter  234:  Solar System Download PDF
Chapter  235:  Spatiotemporal Contrast Sensitivity: Threshold and Suprathreshold Download PDF
Chapter  236:  Special Functions Download PDF
Chapter  237:  Speckle Download PDF
Chapter  238:  Spectroscopy Download PDF
Chapter  239:  Spectroscopy: Doppler-Free Download PDF
Chapter  240:  Spectroscopy: Intracavity Laser Download PDF
Chapter  241:  Spectroscopy: Microwave Download PDF
Chapter  242:  Spectroscopy: Saturation Download PDF
Chapter  243:  Spectroscopy: Surface Nonlinear Optical Download PDF
Chapter  244:  Spectroscopy: Tissue Download PDF
Chapter  245:  Stellar Characteristics Download PDF
Chapter  246:  Sun Download PDF
Chapter  247:  Super Resolution Download PDF
Chapter  248:  Surface Roughness Download PDF
Chapter  249:  Synthetic Aperture Radar Download PDF
Chapter  250:  Target Signature: Methods Download PDF
Chapter  251:  Thermal Detectors Download PDF
Chapter  252:  Thin Film Deposition Download PDF
Chapter  253:  Three-Dimensional Noncontact Sensing Download PDF
Chapter  254:  Tissue–Laser Interactions Download PDF
Chapter  255:  Tunable Terahertz-Wave Generation Download PDF
Chapter  256:  Universe: Distribution of Matter Download PDF
Chapter  257:  Velocimetry Download PDF
Chapter  258:  Velocimetry: Spatial-Filtering Download PDF
Chapter  259:  Visible Sensor Performance Measurements Download PDF
Chapter  260:  Vision: Nonlinear Dynamic Approaches Download PDF
Chapter  261:  Visual Conspicuity Download PDF
Chapter  262:  Visual Information Processing Download PDF
Chapter  263:  Visual Search Download PDF
Chapter  264:  Visual Search: Color and Display Issues Download PDF
Chapter  265:  Visual Search: Experiments Download PDF
Chapter  266:  Wavefront Coding Download PDF
Chapter  267:  Wavelets: Continuous Transform and Series Download PDF
Chapter  268:  Wireless Communications Download PDF
Chapter  269:  X-Rays: Medical Applications Download PDF
Chapter  270:  X-Rays: Optical Elements Download PDF
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