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Encyclopedia of Environmental Science and Engineering

Edited by: Edward N. Ziegler , Aosaf Afzal , Takeshi Goda , Ashfaq Khan , John H. Lange , Joseph M. Lynch , John H. Seinfeld

Print publication date:  June  2012
Online publication date:  June  2012

Print ISBN: 9781439804421
eBook ISBN: 9780203757659
Adobe ISBN:

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Book description

"The authors ... continue the pursuit of new knowledge, calculated to bring new fruits of health, safety, and comfort to man and his environs. The charms, as well as the subtle hazards, of the terms ?conservation, preservation, and ecology? need to be crystallized so that the public and their decision-makers practice this complex art with clearer conception and perception than is apparent in recent bitter confrontations."
?From the Foreword to the Fourth Edition by Abel Wolman

What?s New in This Edition:

  • New entries on environmental and occupational toxicology, geoengineering, and lead abatement
  • Twenty-five significantly updated entries, including expanded discussion of water supplies and waste water treatment, biomass and renewable energy, and international public health issues
  • An expanded list of acronyms and abbreviations

Encyclopedia of Environmental Science and Engineering, Sixth Edition is still the most comprehensive, authoritative reference available in the field. This monumental two-volume encyclopedia now includes entries on topics ranging from acid rain, air pollution, and community health to environmental law, instrumentation, modeling, alternative energy, radioactive waste, and water treatment.

The broad coverage includes highly specialized topics as well as those that transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries, reflecting the interdisciplinary skills and knowledge required by environmental researchers and engineers. Featuring expert contributors representing industry, academia, and government agencies, the encyclopedia presents fundamental concepts and applications in environmental science and engineering. The entries are supported by extensive figures, photographs, tables, and equations.

This sixth edition includes new material on water supplies and wastewater treatment, biomass and renewable energy, and international public health issues. New entries cover environmental and occupational toxicology, geoengineering, and lead abatement. The Encyclopedia of Environmental Science and Engineering provides a view of the field that helps readers understand, manage, and respond to threats to the human environment.

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Table of contents

Chapter  1:  Acid Rain Download PDF
Chapter  2:  Aerosols Download PDF
Chapter  3:  Air Pollutant Effects Download PDF
Chapter  4:  Air Pollution Instrumentation Download PDF
Chapter  5:  Air Pollution Meteorology Download PDF
Chapter  6:  Air Pollution Sources Download PDF
Chapter  7:  Aquatic Primary Production Download PDF
Chapter  8:  Atmospheric Chemistry Download PDF
Chapter  9:  Biological Treatment of Wastewater Download PDF
Chapter  10:  Brownfields Download PDF
Chapter  11:  Coal Gasification Processes Download PDF
Chapter  12:  Community Health Download PDF
Chapter  13:  Composting Download PDF
Chapter  14:  Desalination Download PDF
Chapter  15:  Disinfection Download PDF
Chapter  16:  Ecology of Plants Download PDF
Chapter  17:  Ecology of Primary Terrestrial Consumers Download PDF
Chapter  18:  Ecosystem Theory Download PDF
Chapter  19:  Effects of Chemicals Download PDF
Chapter  20:  Electrostatic Precipitation Download PDF
Chapter  21:  Energy Sources Alternatives Download PDF
Chapter  22:  Environmental and Occupational Toxicology Download PDF
Chapter  23:  Environmental Assessments and Related Impacts Download PDF
Chapter  24:  Environmental Education Download PDF
Chapter  25:  Environmental Health Download PDF
Chapter  26:  Environmental Law Download PDF
Chapter  27:  Epidemiology Download PDF
Chapter  28:  Eutrophication Download PDF
Chapter  29:  Fluidized Bed Combustion Download PDF
Chapter  30:  Fossil Fuel Cleaning Processes Download PDF
Chapter  31:  Geoengineering Download PDF
Chapter  32:  Geographic Information Systems Download PDF
Chapter  33:  Greenhouse Gases Effects Download PDF
Chapter  34:  Groundwater Resources Download PDF
Chapter  35:  Hazardous Waste Management Download PDF
Chapter  36:  Hazardous Wastes Download PDF
Chapter  37:  Hydrology Download PDF
Chapter  38:  Indoor Air Pollution Download PDF
Chapter  39:  Industrial Ecology Download PDF
Chapter  40:  Industrial Hygiene Engineering Download PDF
Chapter  41:  Industrial Waste Management Download PDF
Chapter  42:  Instrumentation Water and Wastewater Analysis  Download PDF
Chapter  43:  Lead Abatement Download PDF
Chapter  44:  Legal Aspects of the Environment Download PDF
Chapter  45:  Limnology Download PDF
Chapter  46:  Management of Radioactive Wastes Download PDF
Chapter  47:  Management of Solid Waste Download PDF
Chapter  48:  Marine Spillage Sources and Hazards Download PDF
Chapter  49:  Microbiology Download PDF
Chapter  50:  Mobile Source Pollution Download PDF
Chapter  51:  Modeling of Estuarine Water Quality Download PDF
Chapter  52:  Municipal Wastewater Download PDF
Chapter  53:  Natural Systems for Wastewater Treatment Download PDF
Chapter  54:  Nitrogen Oxides Reduction Download PDF
Chapter  55:  Noise Download PDF
Chapter  56:  Non-Ionizing Radiations Download PDF
Chapter  57:  Oceanography Download PDF
Chapter  58:  Oil Spillage into Water Treatment  Download PDF
Chapter  59:  Particulate Emissions Download PDF
Chapter  60:  Particulate Removal Download PDF
Chapter  61:  PCBs and Associated Aromatics Download PDF
Chapter  62:  Pesticides Download PDF
Chapter  63:  Physical and Chemical Treatment of Wastewaters Download PDF
Chapter  64:  Planning Download PDF
Chapter  65:  Planning for New Processes Environmental Aspects Download PDF
Chapter  66:  Planning Water Supply and Sanitation Projects in Developing Nations Download PDF
Chapter  67:  Pollution Effects on Fish Download PDF
Chapter  68:  Pollution from Mine Drainage Download PDF
Chapter  69:  Prevention of Toxic Chemical Release Download PDF
Chapter  70:  Psychological Aspects of Man's Environment Download PDF
Chapter  71:  Radiation Ecology Download PDF
Chapter  72:  Radon Download PDF
Chapter  73:  Recycling Waste Materials Download PDF
Chapter  74:  Remote Sensing Download PDF
Chapter  75:  Sediment Transport Download PDF
Chapter  76:  Small Flow Wastewater Treatment Technology for Domestic and Special Applications Download PDF
Chapter  77:  Stack Sampling Download PDF
Chapter  78:  Statistical Methods for Environmental Science Download PDF
Chapter  79:  The Terrestrial System Download PDF
Chapter  80:  Thermal Effects on Fish Ecology Download PDF
Chapter  81:  Urban Air Pollution Modeling Download PDF
Chapter  82:  Urban Runoff Download PDF
Chapter  83:  Vapor and Gaseous Pollutant Fundamentals Download PDF
Chapter  84:  Water and Waste Management Systems in Space Download PDF
Chapter  85:  Water Chemistry Download PDF
Chapter  86:  Water Flow Download PDF
Chapter  87:  Water Properties, Structure, and Occurrence in Nature Download PDF
Chapter  88:  Water Reuse Download PDF
Chapter  89:  Water Treatment Download PDF
Appendix Download PDF
GlossaryAbbreviations Download PDF
Prelims1 Download PDF
Prelims2 Download PDF
Index Download PDF
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